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rcflier53 06-21-2018 07:11 AM

FB 2.5M ViperJet Gear Doors
Just looking see if anyone else has had issues with the inboard gear doors blowing open in flight? When we originally maidened this airplane, we discovered these doors would open to full during high speed, high G loads, or a combination of the two. Since the original door air cylinders were mounted on the rear hinge, I though I could just add another cylinder to the front hinge to increase the holding power and keep them closed.

Well, that solved the left side gear door from opening, but the right side still continues to exhibit old habits of opening as described earlier. The plane has probably about 40 flights on it and Iíve tried everything including blocking any air from escaping the fuselage out to the wheel well.

Anyone have this plane or a similar problem with their ViperJet of another manufacturer? If so, what did you find and/or do to correct the issue?

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