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ps2727 09-27-2020 07:41 PM

North American Sabreliner/T-39
About 1/8 th scale with twin 80mm edf power. One is a series 60 and the other a series 40.
They fly nicely at 16 lbs.



patf 09-28-2020 05:20 AM

Looks Great Paul! I always had questions on the cathedral windows, but thought the lines of these were really nice

ps2727 09-28-2020 10:03 AM

Thanks Pat. I don’t know what the story is on those windows...

Ron S 09-29-2020 02:15 PM

Those are pretty Cool! :cool: What kind of flight times are you getting with twin 80mm fans?
I think Tbirds have an electric flyin coming up in a week or two...

yeahbaby 09-29-2020 03:15 PM

Tbirds oct 16-17

patrnflyr 09-29-2020 03:59 PM

One of my faves. My dad flew back and forth from Vietnam a couple of times. Had to go the long route with stops but it beat the 141

ps2727 09-29-2020 06:13 PM

We are getting 3 to 4 minutes on twin 6s 5000’s. I believe Justin has 6250’s so a bit longer for him.
I will look at making the Tbird meet.

Boomerang1 10-01-2020 12:56 AM

Great to see some unusual aircraft modelled, first time I've seen the Sabreliner built for RC.

B-36's aren't that common either, some progressive modellers at your field.

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