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hofer 01-22-2021 01:13 PM

Oldie but goldie - JMP Hustler
Hi all,
After having this kit from Tom in my inventory for several years, it`s time has finally come to be completed !!
The plane is structurally complete, but as all of you guys know, 90% complete just means 90% to go to be flight ready !!
Anyhow, the old lurkers among you still know that Tom`s kits ( even compared to the CAD/CAM stuff of today ) are, nevertheless, pretty unmatched !!!
Hustler will be powered by the very advanced and totally integrated Jet Cat Pro 250 S turbine ( to be shared with my JMP Firebird from time to time, ) !
That exchange will take only around an hour since no components ( besides the Rx interface ) will be placed in the respective airframe !
The 250 Pro weight is still 2 pounds less than the veeeery traditional ( just hesitating to say "totally outdated ! " ) AMT Pegasus ! ( and 4 pounds less than the Oly !! )
Of course, 250 N is a lot, but I do hope that Hustler will do some wonderful vertical manouvers even when entered with low energy !
Gears, doors and brakes will be operated traditionally with pneumatic power ( but of course with Tom`s wonderful PCU unit that does eliminate almost all T-connectors )
And it has to get a nice somking intallation - Harris Modelproducts ( RIP ) brushless pump and Tom`s combined fuel/smoke centertank is in my hobby room for that task !
More to come
see you





hofer 02-07-2021 12:50 PM

Hi all,
Today I finished the pneumatic plumbing of Tom`s PCU v1 - now, that is the way to layout a pneumatic set up that will last for many years to come !!
Tom`s engineering and mechanical work just stand out of the rest - just beautifully done !
The airframe has been fine sanded and is waiting for its first coat of 2k epoxi primer in order to show all the small deficiences that have be reworked
Final paint ( my favourite is rasperry red now ) will be done by a professional in his paint boot - I just can`t get up to the desired quality level on my own !
see you


LGM Graphix 02-08-2021 12:58 PM

Fantastic addition to your JMP fleet Hans! With the 250 it will he amazing. Your old olympus hp is on my kingcat and gives amazing low throttle to vertical performance. I still hope to find a great deal on a pegasus hp one day as I have an F16 coming when the border opens again that it would be perfect in and I can't get enough of the amt's still.
can't wait to see your hustler finished. I hope to have one myself one day!

hofer 02-08-2021 01:14 PM

Hello Jeremy,
Ohh yes, it will be a wonderful addition to my already respectable fleet !!
I decided to take Hustler out of hybernation because we received the assurance that we can continue to fly on our airforce base for several more years !!
Unlimited runways and airspace - just what Tom`s arrows need to be happy !!
I will do my very best here to complete the Hustler to the highest standards - just for my ego of course, but also as a big respect to Tom Cook`s work !!
Yes, it is a real builders kit and needs a professional hand to lay a wonderful finish onto it, but many, many people nowadays just don`t know what satisfaction it is to fly " your own " machine !!
Besides - great to hear that the Oly has a useful new home !! Enjoy it !
see you

LGM Graphix 02-08-2021 09:25 PM

I wish it was feasible to ship a jet like that to and from Canada! I'd love to paint that jet for you!

hofer 02-09-2021 01:04 PM

Hi Jeremy,
Oh yes, I know, you are the master of spraying on the most complex and beautiful finishes to our planes !!
Hustler will be just single colored ( most probably rasperry red, RAL 3027 ), layed on by some pro collegues from my hobby room mate - he works for swiss national TV and they have a high standard spray boot ( huge it is, with air suction and that ... )
and only the best available equipment ( normally used to finish up stage furniture that is going to be seen on TV )
Decals ( pretty much like the ones from my Firebird ) will be applied via high standard, self adhesive decals

In the mean time, I have received the first batch of JR servos in order to be fitted onto that PCU - JR servos are a first for me after my 40 years long modeling career !! ( always was a Futaba guy ! )
But I had no choice here - the given cut outs and thread spacing in Tom`s unit left no other choice - JR it has to be !
Well, they work perfectly - this unit, once completed, will be a mechnical gem !

I guess, that the guidance of Hustler will be a combined Futaba / JR and powerbox medley - futaba s-bus receivers ( 2x ) feeding the mercury SRS and then futaba brushless servos all around on flight controls, JR digital servos as mentioned for the pneumatic unit !
The powerbox mercury SRS unit seems to be the perfect match here - don`t forget - I will have to use 12 channels to control 17 functions on this plane - pretty demanding !!
That function number includes smoke activation and gyro gain setting of course !
More to come soon
see you

hofer 02-10-2021 12:54 PM

Hi all,
And the PCU is completed - I know, veeery sturdy, traditional mechanical set up it is ( well, that`s Tom`s philosophy ! ), but really rock solid and made for a very long, durable operation !
I adjusted the servo arms in order to use Tom`s gear door sequencer - it just works perfectly like that and I could spare one channel in my Tx - Rx layout when using it !
Of course, the mercury does have an integrated door sequencing function and the same delayed sequencing would be possible electronically via the powerbox
Well, I still have to make my mind up concerning the electronic set up of this bird
The prefered solution, a huge weatronic 12-22R receiver is just nowhere available any more - I do really miss it - was ahead of its time !! I do operate two of them since many years ( Firebird, Kranz Bf 109 1/3.8 ) total success !




PS : that spagetti bolognese type wires and airlines will be cleaned up of course and then finally, totally disappear in the fuse`s belly below the big wood-carbon sandwich rx and battery board !

see you

LGM Graphix 02-11-2021 08:44 AM

I'll take mechanical valves and servos over electronic valve every time. Only gear or brake issues I've ever had were electronic valves.

hofer 02-11-2021 12:37 PM

Hi Jeremy,
Well, I have many airplanes planes equipped with electronic valves ( Jetronics and Evojet ) and they have worked for years without a single hickup !!
I also have three planes with mechanical gear operation - flawless as well ( high quality servos are a must here ) !
Fact is, I personally have never ever encountered a servo failure during my 40+ years of building and flying models ! ) :)
Anyhow, since Hustler is some kind of retro plane and I am still a big fan and supporter of Tom`s work, it will be set up accordingly !!
The PCU ( especially when set up using Tom`s clamps over all the barbed connectors, his unmached quality airline and then using high quality servos to operate, leaves little to no room for failure !
I am totally convinced to have a system at hand that will last for a lifetime ! ( well, at least the planes lifetime !! )
Anyhow, the combined costs of this system is, of course, pretty to even dammned high !

Freezing temps over here hold me off to lay the first coat of 2K primer onto the worked on areas of Hustler`s structural parts - well, springtime will come, for sure !
It will be a first for me to use these newly available 2K spray cans - really interested about their application and quality ! We will see !
The final colored finish - I just have to leave that to the professionals !!
see you

PS: just placed an order at Tom`s place for all the remaining items needed to complete the system integration and complete the set up
Again, Tom`s stuff just never disapoints !

hofer 02-17-2021 12:57 PM

Hi all,
And transfered the main structural parts of my Hustler to a pretty large garage that I have at hand in order to spray the first coat of primer !
Unfortunately, the room is not really heated up to comfortabel room temps, so I have to wait longer here until spring really knocks on the door !
In the mean time, I have studied further options for the final electrical layout of this servo eating airframe !
I have come to the conclusion to stay pretty conservative with the final electrical layout :
I will not spend some 500 bucks for that powerbox mercury but instead will use the technology that was at hand when Hustler was desinged ( I guess that was some 15 years ago ! )
Anyhow, 3-axis gyro it will have !
The Futaba MSA10 servo matching box just works perfectly to combine the four 4 flaps servos on one channel !
I will create my own power supply for all these servos and the smoke pump ( using independent 2 BEC`s and two lipo batteries )
see you








LGM Graphix 03-03-2021 11:17 AM

I sure do love that jet Hans. Such a great design. I've wished my kingcat was a hustler many times but it just never magically changes haha. Can't wait to see yours once in paint!

jvaliensi 03-03-2021 02:29 PM

what kind of lathe is that in the background?

hofer 03-03-2021 11:21 PM

Hi all,
O.k., that lathe is an old Schaublin - it is very well known over here and the standard lathe used by the famous swiss watchmakers !
New machines like that are horribly expensive ( + 15000 bucks ) but bought mine from a friend, restored it from nut to bolt and it is doing a perfect job !

@ Jeremy : Oh yes, Hustler is still a very unique and fine machine - I am happy to have mine - especially since Tom`s jets are not available anymore !
I have layed on a first coat of that 2k primer on Hustler in the meantime - turned out very good !
Then my friend took a few parts to the painter in order to get an idea for him on how to proceed with that finish
He would very much like to finish it but, unfortunately, he sees some 40 hours + work involved and a price tag of more than 1000 dollars !!!??
Well, that is way more than I expected - still in the process of swallowing and making my mind up on this !
Tom`s parts to complete the airframe are on their way to my hobby room

see you

hofer 03-04-2021 01:29 AM

And hi all,
Off topic here, but I am spending a few days up in the swiss alpes doing some snowshoe hiking - then this happened !


Swiss airforce involved in dogfight training !!
Was just miracluos to see these contrail lines develop in all kind of modern art !
see you

LGM Graphix 03-04-2021 09:43 PM

Looks like they're having fun!

PaulD 03-05-2021 05:33 PM

Originally Posted by hofer (Post 12666775)
And hi all,
Off topic here, but I am spending a few days up in the swiss alpes doing some snowshoe hiking - then this happened !


Swiss airforce involved in dogfight training !!
Was just miracluos to see these contrail lines develop in all kind of modern art !
see you

Reminds me of a certain Navy Jet indigent not too long ago out of NAS Whidbey just south of us. Spawned an inquiry complete with appologies. 😂

Nice lookin build on the Hustler there Hans. Too bad about those JR servos......😋



LGM Graphix 03-25-2021 07:47 AM

Any updates Hans? Excited to see your hustler finished!

hofer 03-25-2021 10:15 AM

Hi Jeremy,
Unfortunately no progress - wintertime and thus cold temperatures came back pretty hefty during the whole month of march ( almost always beeing at +/- freezing temperature ! )
Just too cold to continue with the priming of the airframe since I have to do that in an open garage and hence temps should be at least 15 degrees outside !
Now, forcast looks promising for the next week - should get up to as high as 20 degrees C ( 72F)
All the hardware items ordered at Tom`s place are on their way to me - it takes a long time !! Probably the virus beeing responsible for that !
You will see Hustler completed - promised !
But it will take quite some time - warm temps also means flying season is here and I do like flying my many models a lot - Sorry about that !
until soon

LGM Graphix 05-07-2021 09:23 PM

Anymore work on this beautiful jet Hans? Looking forward to seeing it done!

hofer 05-08-2021 08:05 AM

Hi Jeremy,
Very sorry to say Jeremy, but no progress on Hustler !!
Finally, the horribly cold April is over, May started very cold as well but today we got a beautiful day with temps up to 75 F - flying, flying is the motto right now !!
I maidened a very nice Pilatus PC-9 ( 1/6 scale, e-powered it is ) - total success !!
I will add a pic later on from that one
Hustler will get the attention he deserves, just be assured of that please !
Anyhow, it will most probably fly only next spring - just too many other activities that I have during our summer season !
see you

hofer 05-08-2021 09:22 AM

And the PC-9 - a very capable flyer !!





George 05-08-2021 12:41 PM

Beautiful flying site!!

To stay on topic...I got this "third-hand", and it's now ready for maiden after being gutted and engine replacement. :-)


hofer 05-08-2021 09:55 PM

Hi George,
Beautiful Hustler here - must be the one from Rod Snyder then !
I have had the Hustler kit for a good ten years in my hangar but I always knew that I am going to finish it one day !
Tom Cook did build wonderful and veeeery capable machines - I have his Firebird as well and would never ever sell it !
see you

LGM Graphix 05-09-2021 08:22 AM

I still want a hustler.... it's such a beautiful jet. I love my firebird. Hans you can always send me the hustler to paint and then I'll love and care for it hahahaha.
I guess I'll have to be patient and wait until next year to see yours finished!

LGM Graphix 05-09-2021 08:23 AM

Hi George,
I am really amazed with your hustler. I hate the redbull schemes but it looks awesome on that jet! Beautiful hustler! I'm envious!

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