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BlueBus320 05-13-2002 02:33 AM

Futaba tx/JR servos, need help!!!!
Hey guys, need help!!!

Have a Bandit that my Futaba 5101 discontinued servos started acting funny. So to match the size I bought JR 4721. Now for some reason at my Futaba receiver the JR servos worked fine, but at the end of the extensions where I plug in the flying surface servos the new JRs start to do the electric boogie where the Futaba’s are steady. Anyone know why? Is it the extensions or Y connectors? Please help!!!!!

diceman 05-14-2002 02:46 AM

If you are using 6V without a regulator that may be the problem.

Would not reccommend 5101's on any important surface on the Bandit.

Mr-Nat 05-14-2002 03:08 AM

Had same problem a few years ago on a JMP T-33. Try using a JR Y connector with the amp for the JR sevos at the end of a long lead. The JR AMPLIFIED lead will change the futaba 3.3 volt signal to 5 volts that the JR servo is expecting. Stopped the jittering with this aircraft


BlueBus320 05-14-2002 08:45 AM

Futaba tx/JR servos, need help!!!!
Thanks guys,
Nat, thats exactly what I came up with & if it works for me I'll post it. Im so suprised I never came accross this before, something for thoes planning to mix futaba tx & JR servos to think about.

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