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bill zuke 06-08-2003 02:11 AM

turbines/ducted fans
does any one know it you can fly a jet that's built for

a turbine and fly it using ducted .

i know it would be plenty strong but would a

ducted fan engine carry the load and what

other gremlins would be popping up.

would appreciate any comments on this.

kindest regards, billzuke@hotmail.com

Blueskies21 06-08-2003 11:04 AM

turbines/ducted fans

the answer is yes! Many jet guys have flown certain turbine airframes on df power.For instance one guy on here flew his TG Topcat on df,the kangaroos are designed to fly on a pusher prop setup then convert to turbine when your ready and several guys have flown those on DF power as well.I would imagine that a hotspot could fly on df power too being that its a delta platform like the roos & topcats.I am not sure if any of the scale jets - designed for turbine can be flown on df or not,but I am sure someone on here can comment on that.I aLso would say that the downfall of flying these mentioned jets on df or glow power is that with their all up weight & the fact that with the speedbrakes & delta confirgation that you might find yourself in a hairy situation at times with the less adequate power of df & glow over turbine.Hope this helps a little..I just bought my 1st turbine jet -a new arf all composite kangaroo & a simjet 1700

regards Steve

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