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siclick33 05-31-2010 01:15 PM

RE: homebuilt turbine
That isn't all the parts you need. Have a look on their other page:


The cost now starts to add up.

In my opinion there are 3 ways to go,

Build your own engine - can be cheaper but requires time, skill, patience and tools.
Assemble an engine from a kit - something like the Wren 70 kit is very easy to put together.
Buy a built engine - either new or second-hand.

From your posts it appears that you are trying to save money by 'assembling' an engine from parts intended for home builders. In my opinion this will only end in disaster. I know you have been told this before but I would look at either a complete proven kit (I can only vouch for Wren as it is the only one I have built) or a ready-to-run engine (either new or second hand).

AdriFlyBoy 05-31-2010 02:40 PM

RE: homebuilt turbine
Cost is 150$ more(diffusor and housing),OK.
Why do you think it will end up in the disaster?Many modellers has built turbines?Besides,I have plans for building the turbine.

siclick33 05-31-2010 03:03 PM

RE: homebuilt turbine
+ tailcone + shaft tunnel + bearings and probably other things that I can't remember off hand.

That's another $125 so you're now looking at $1345 and that's probably not everything.

The reason I say it might end in disaster is that, unless you know exactly what you need and what you're buying, you might spend a load of money and still not be able to build an engine that runs.

You may come across issues when assembling parts like this that you hadn't thought about (e.g. how are you going to balance it?). If you buy a Wren kit or a built engine then you are much more likely to be successful.

Spending a bit more money now might seem a waste of money but I think it would be worth it.

AdriFlyBoy 06-02-2010 03:09 PM

RE: homebuilt turbine
Is that really 13kg of thrust?
And where I can buy fuel sticks?

PS:Yeah,you got it.I want save up some money cuz I want to pay more for sophisticated electronics in my jet.

1Eye 06-02-2010 03:59 PM

RE: homebuilt turbine


How much thrust will 70mm turbine and compressor(UT160ZA) produce?I have read somewhere around 14-18kg.

So, what are you gonna do with this turbine? Just run it on the bench or . . . ?? As Harley mentioned, there is an exact process to get it accepted by the AMA here in the US.

AdriFlyBoy 06-03-2010 07:43 AM

RE: homebuilt turbine
I will put it in jet.In Croatia we don't have such rules.

quote from previous post:
Is that really 13kg of thrust?
And where I can buy fuel sticks?

AdriFlyBoy 06-05-2010 07:03 AM

RE: homebuilt turbine
Ok,guys,I decided this way.Two hours of drive away from me is schweighofer.I will save up more money and I will buy JetCat P80SE for 1699 euros or JetCat P120SX for 2499 euros.
At least I will have full auto start brand name engine,and it is cheaper than in US.

AdriFlyBoy 06-06-2010 01:22 PM

RE: homebuilt turbine
Now I can't make a proper decision.I decided to buy P120SX,but then I saw Behotec JB165(16,5kg of thrust)for 2598 euros.
So,is it worth of paying extra 100 euros for JB165 over P120SX and does Behotec has good quality as JetCat?

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