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Anyone have a Kyosho Mad Crusher in their hands yet? >

Anyone have a Kyosho Mad Crusher in their hands yet?

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Anyone have a Kyosho Mad Crusher in their hands yet?

Old 12-11-2017, 02:23 PM
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Default Anyone have a Kyosho Mad Crusher in their hands yet?

I'm about to grab one of these as an X-mas present to my dad...and then probably one for myself later on down the road when money allows...and I'm wondering if anyone's having any issues with them.The best research I can do points to it being a direct descendent of the venerable Mad Force line, so it should be incredibly durable and fairly easy to work on if it does need something. The main things I'm concerned about:
  • That drive chain. Skookum or fragile?
  • It have a slipper clutch? I haven't seen anywhere on the box or the online listings/reviews mentioning it and, while not a dealbreaker to lack one, it would mean it'd behoove me to stock up on spur gears if it doesn't have one just in case it hands while on power and strips one out.
  • On that note, spurs are easy to change y/n?
  • How's the engine hold out?(And, yes, it will be the GP, I will hear no argument for the VE as I simply do not want electric and neither does my dad) Easy to work on, tune? Hold a tune well? Easy to start? I tend to let my engines hold the same needles for six months straight, runnin' them fairly rich(IF it ain't smokin' under load I richen it until it is), adjusting them only when the average temperature shift between summer and winter is drastic enough to start affecting them. The OS 18 CV-RX in my NTC-3 is a champ in this regard. I don't race so the convenience of not having to fiddle with the carb in exchange for not having peak output at all times is worth it, and they do get into operating temps so I'm not prematurely wearing them out.
  • Any cooling issues to note, especially with regard to running through 3-5 inch high grass as well as snow and mud romps from time to time? Kyosho's own promo reel for this thing shows it blasting through grass taller than its own tires without a care in the world but that's hard on engines and tends to overheat 'em if they're unable to cool themselves down.
  • Is the Rx only able to bind to Kyosho transmitters? My dad and I are both wierdos who prefer stick radios for surface vehicles(yes we have tried pistol grip, doesn't work for us) and I've taken to using a DX-6i aircraft radio for air and surface vehicles(I use the rudder channel to steer and the elevator channel for throttle and brake, retaining Mode 2 for aircraft usage). If it comes to it I'll buy him a full radio in the future, but it'd be nice if the factory Rx would bind to a stick radio of good quality.
  • Is there a drill start backplate available for the engine? I'm fine with pull start on mine(KISS <3), but my dad needs a walker to get around and it'd be easier on him if he could use some sort of handheld wand or adapter for a 7.2v cordless drill to start the thing.
IF anything else pops up I'll be sure to mention it, but in the mean time I reckon this'll do. I appreciate ya'll's time and knowledge!
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Hi, I just bought a new mad crusher, I haven't started it as its winter here in wv but it looks to be made very well, its my first rc in three years. I've mainly had hpi savages, wanted something different and this truck was the obvious choice for me. I may buy a nitro slash next but I would never part with my kyosho, i'm a nitro guy all the way, hope you enjoy rc as much as I have
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I have the VE version and i like it so far but its does have its quirks. 1. almost no after market 2. Torque steer like a **** 3. stock springs are too soft and it bottoms out easy making it bounce around.
To answer a few of you Q's. Chain is holding out fine, Yes it has a slipper, Yes the spur is easy to get to, the rest i cant say because i have the electric.

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