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Nitro fuel: How harmful is it to your health?

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Nitro fuel: How harmful is it to your health?

Old 02-22-2006, 05:42 AM
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Default RE: Nitro fuel: How harmful is it to your health?

Nitro methane and methanol are two very different chemicals, nitro fuel is 20-30% nitro methane, and the rest is mostly methanol with 10% or so being oil. Methanol is very toxic, where as nitro methane is not.


Methanol is also used to process fatty oils into biodiesel, something I am also interested in. When used in these conditions, every single reference to this chemical warns of intense danger and required caution. methanol is not something to mess with, even the pre burn vapor are very harmfull. I love driving my genesis, and this danger doesn't stop me (I even scented my fuel rootbeer) but common sense and caution are still required. This stuff burns you for a reason, and the burning isn't even supposed to be that severe, the real danger is to the optic nerves. Life has its risks, but don't be retarded, just avoid contact with the fuel, and inhalation of the vapors, becuase this isn't just another product known to the state of california to cause birth defects and cancer, this is serious stuff.


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Default Yeah i would recommend caution

Dont spam me with hate i know bit late and This might seem a bit extreme but its exposure over time that will catch up with you all you need is common sense

i used to do a bit of home chemistry so im fairly adept to toxic chemicals e.t.c. mercury and some chromium compounds so im not just spewing bull just brain dumping

I've only been into nitro for the past 5-6 months or so but after reading the M.S.D.S (material safety data sheet)and the S.D.S (safty data sheet)pretty much the same thing ive come to the conclusion that you should do your best to avoid contact with the fuel if at all possible and also the following

#DO NOT use a nitro powered motors indoors under any circumstances they will poison you via CO (carbon monoxide) but also through other toxins released from the burning of the fuel

#wear gloves while cleaning your nitro vehicle the oils can also cause irritation and aren't the best for your health either

#dont prime with your mouth directly i know how tempting it is to just stick that tube in your lips but dont use a syringe or a spare bit of tube or be creative

#This is obvious but it does happen DONT taste the fkn fuel it WILL KILL YOU IT IS A POISON you wouldn't taste a bug spray would you so why would you taste somthing which is also labeled poisonious

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