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AznBash3r 11-10-2006 01:02 PM

Which .32
I am in the proccess of looking for a good .32 for my truggy. It will use a 1 speed 12t clutch bell (1 tooth bellow stock), and gonna be bashing. I am stuck between the OFNA .32 engine, AXIAL .32, and the Sure Fire .32 (which I am leaning towards more). Which one of them are the best for the money, based on performance? Oh and btw, I didn't post this in the truggy forum cuz i dont think any of them know what a .32 engine is... lol jp

btw, I will most likely be using a JP-1 or JP-2 pipe.

nkbrisson 11-11-2006 12:36 AM

RE: Which .32
for a .32 i would recomend a taller CB, they have alot of torque but no speed, and in a truggy with a center diff, all you will do is spin the front tires and go no were, good thick oil and a taller CB would probly be a better setup for bashing. And also, the axial is a better choice for the coin and are much more readily available for parts.

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