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dionysusbacchus 09-13-2003 06:08 AM

Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
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Any interest in the old Kyosho 1:8 scale motorcycles? I have always loved these things, they build like plastic models and I love to paint and detail them. Not the fastest things out of the box but they can still be fun to race others. I have the older one shown below from the 80’s, I got it on eBay with the receiver and servo for $100! The guy selling it didn’t know it had the radio gear in the box, the kit was untouched, I assembled and painted it. I also have the newer Hanging on Racer Honda, almost done with that one, got it from a guy in Hong Kong for $65, not bad. What are some of the modifications done on these bikes? I saw one dude who put a glow engine in his!:D


superbird 09-13-2003 11:10 AM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
I also have the same kyosho bikes and I have put bearings
in them and a dm20bb ballbearing motor.I have seen other
hop ups like oil filled shocks lightwhiegt front wheel other tires
I have seen the hop ups over the years but cant remember
where.I have gone on towwer hobbies and typed in the bikes
on there search engine and have seen leftover stuff there.
you are right,they are not real fast but they are very cool
to wacth especially the hang on racer.cant wait to get my
hands on the thunder tiger bike.

Chuck Stunter 09-21-2003 10:26 PM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
nice bike dionysusbacchus,

i have an interest in the kyosho 1/8 scale HOR. There are alot of hopups for these bikes there just not available everywhere.

Im in the process of hopin up my HOR, so far ive got the front and rear dampering shocks, kyosho 280BB motor and ball bearing all around. Its not the fastest thing ever but it is a blast to drive.

dionysusbacchus 09-22-2003 10:39 PM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
Cool Chuck, let me know what you think of the 280BB motor and the ball bearings, I mean if you really think they make a big difference or not. I see this stuff on eBay, but it is expensive and I just want to know if it's worth it. Let's see some pictures!


e_lm_70 09-23-2003 03:29 AM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?

I have a 1:8 Kyosho and some Hop Up: Full BB + Kyosho BB Motor + Metal Gear + Metal GearBox + Light Front + Soft Tyres.

The motorbike it is quite slow : no more the 25km/h.

You can get a lot of HopUp from rcmart.

I would like to go up to 50km/h, for these reason I'm thining to put a small brushless motor in ... anybody has experience this ?


dionysusbacchus 09-23-2003 05:24 AM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
e_lm_70, I saw a web site a while back that had one converted and it did wheelies! I wish I would have book marked the site, I can't find it now! I'm still looking though.


Tucson01 09-23-2003 10:57 PM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
Hey guys,

I bought 2 HOR's on ebay the Honda and Suzuki. unbuilt, Have every Kyosho hop up
Honda will sit unfinished in box for collectors item :) I also bought ebay Aluminum
Trailing Arms will need to be moded for the wheel shaft insertion.

Towerhobbies has some items but are expensive. search by part #s GPW8->14
They also have the HOR plastics search by HOR - decals , parts trees

Steering head $21 2 bearings and adjustable shaft(not the whole head)
Chrome frame $18 disk brakes, frame, stand,rear trailing arm
Lightend flywheel $11 makes the (makes the front wheel heavy for better Gyro effect)
High grip tires $22 black rims and stickier tires foam inserts
Front Alum shock $39 Aluminum front shocks seals and fluid( 2 mount in stearing head)
Rear shock $12 Aluminum adjustable shock
28bb motor $38 read some where this turns out 37k rpm dual ball raced( stock 25k)
Steal pinions $6 set of 3 motor pinions for use with the 28bb motor
Special gear set $42 metal gears and Rear Sprocket

These bikes are Beautiful if built right....

Will post my Suzuki when its done going to build a plexi display with track and wall in back ground.

dionysusbacchus 09-24-2003 10:21 AM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
Great Tucson! Can't wait for those pictures.Thanks for listing the parts, I just need to hear from someone if they really do any good or not! IMO, I would not save bikes as a collectors item, they just weren't popular and never sold. 10 years after they have stopped making them you can still buy them new on eBay for $65! The old Craft bikes of the early 70's aren't worth much. We need bikes on the track not in the box! 20 years from now I doubt you'll get $100 for it and it just took up space! Just my opinion, of course you do as you please.:)

Thanks again,


BACKEMF 09-25-2003 03:52 PM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
A real upgrade to the Kyosho would be to sell it on Ebay and Buy a Thunder Tiger FM-1e
Real nice 1/5th scale. Nothing proprietary, uses common 05 car motors or brushless Novak system, common servos and rx although a mini rx is better, common Batteries. It has tons of possible mods by crazynutracing.com
But that's my opinion.
I am about to buy one in a couple of weeks $229.00 US
(less motor, controller, and Radio)
It's a real Bike designed after the German Gas machines.;)

Tucson01 09-25-2003 07:42 PM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
I didnt purchase the TT FM 1e for a reason. I enjoy building. The Kyosho is a Kit. It by far has more detail than the TT bike. You can run it then put it on your shelf and be proud that you actually built it. If i wanted it out of the box to bash the hell out of it I would have bought a tyco put a string on it and dragged it behind my 4x4. I have bought RTRs in the past, I have an Emaxx ran it a few times and put it back in the box to sell it. I will be picking up a Savage SS to replace it. You said in another post that
you thought the Kyosho was a Toy... Tyco..Nikko... etc are toys. I have a Kyosho High
Rider II was a great kit bought it 8 years ago its all plastic except for the Dogbones
the stock motor will still throw a 3 foot Roost in sand with a 8T pinion :) buy what you like. Have fun!! thats why its called a Hobby.

"Being a 35 year old kid isn't easy, but it sure is fun"

BACKEMF 09-26-2003 05:25 AM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
Understood, we differ on some issues but at least have a look at the October Issue of
"High Torques" R/C Car Magazine. the mods done to this bike make it a serious racer and the looks are of todays sport bikes, very realistic, after all when it's on the shelf for viewing do you actually take off the fairings? Cccheck out Crazy nut Racing you will see how realitic these bikes are. I still appreciate the building aspect though, It is sometimes more fun than driving them. The kyosho is good to start with, but, for me iam a racer, I need more speed and for me bigger is better too.
Yes the point to hobbies is to have fun. And we are all different.

Anderson 09-26-2003 06:47 AM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
I'm chiming in as a 37 year old kid. I'm glad there is finally activety with R/C bikes. I run the tires off my FMe1 but can't wait to get my Kyosho bikes built and see that rider lean and move.

BACKEMF 09-26-2003 10:52 AM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
Hey I am 36 and in a wheelchair. I race R/C Fast Electric Boats in a club.
We will never stop playing. Age is a number not a state of mind if you can help it.

Zeek the Speed Freak!![:@][8D]

Jitters 09-27-2003 02:11 AM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
OK, I got you all beat, I'm 52 years old and definitely not a kid. But I love bikes, cafe racers especially (in real life). I really want to get an RC bike or 2. I looked at the Nouvo Faor, it looks pretty realistic but has only a .15 engine. I looked at the Pumilio Design bike and a .21 fits in there but the bike doesn't look realistic. I don't know much about TT except for the EK4S2 truck that I own. Workmanship is so-so.
As far as electric models in general, the only ones I have are the Tamiya F-1's, all my other cars, buggies and trucks are nitro.
So this begs the question... where can I go for a realistic looking bike? Building complex kits is my passion. Built 8 helicopters so far and innumerable cars/trucks. I'm not too familiar with the working of eBay, and I haven't seen any good close photos of the Thunder Tiger bike. I don't know if I want gas or electric. Rumors have it that the Italian bike is no longer being made and the Finnish bike (Pumilio) is way too expensive ($700+ shipping).
Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks for your time in reading this post!:D

Tucson01 09-27-2003 12:11 PM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
Have a quick update did a search ended up on a Yahoo forum. I had found this a year ago, you will have to sign up with the yahoo forum...but... you get access to the photo
pages. I dont use the forum I like the people her much better :). They even have a movie of the famed HOR nitro, running on a stand.. but its still running nitro hehe. A few
have posted there that you can shoe horn a speed 300 into a HOR with a custom motor plate. Direct steering mods, Frame mods.

TT's , NF's, etc. photos on the pages.

Food for thought! - Razor brushless with Li po's on your HOR Muhahaha!!! :P

http://groups.(insert yahoo here).com/group/radiocontrolmotorcycles/

Hey Ray, I looked at your photos and 2 of those bikes at Crazynuts are Protos
and I do believe that Crazynut did not build or create them. I have viewed them on others websites.

I did find a few photos of a Proto Nitro Racer... Very detailed, extremely well built
makes all the other R/C motorcycles I have seen look like tinker toys. Will post link once I find it again hehe.

Tucson01 09-27-2003 12:17 PM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
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Found the Proto Photo !!!!

Caution please place plastic wrap over your keyboard before viewing!!!!!!!

Jitters 09-27-2003 12:48 PM

The Proto Photo you posted is absolutely heart stopping! So this is what is available at Crazynut? It may be me, but your photo seems to show a better bike. ??:D

tjaf 09-27-2003 01:20 PM

RE: Tucson01
So, you want to see a nitro bike in action?

[link=http://www.esat.kuleuven.ac.be/~nvanhell/shake2.mpg]proper nitro bike movie[/link]

Not mine though ;)

Jitters 09-27-2003 02:02 PM

Ah, I may be wrong, but the "movie" link on your post is for a porn site.:eek:

tjaf 09-27-2003 03:04 PM

RE: tjaf
Huh, it links to an mpeg file (shake2.mpg 9.2MB). It doesn't even link to a site? Or are you getting some kind of poppups or something? Did I do something wrong perhaps? If so, I'll remove the link in my post. But it does work on my computer.

[EDIT] You were right. I use Linux, and with my computer the link doesn't redirect to those porn sites. I changed the link, and uploaded the movie on my account at our university. It should be OK now.

I'm sorry for any inconveniences.

Jitters 09-27-2003 03:27 PM

RE: tjaf
No problem! I was just a little surprised.;)

Tucson01 09-27-2003 03:56 PM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
A quick mod to save your bike from scratches or ? bodies. I have been a pinball nut since i was a kid. I restored a Black Hole pinball. Anyway they make peel and stick Mylar to protect the Play fields on pinball machines can get a 43"x22" sheet
for about $19. This stuff is tuff .. I even thought of using it on the bottom of my
Ripmax Alienator which is a foamie to protect it. Dont need that much Mylar for
.40C you can pick up a 1 7/8 circle of Mylar. How about a Pinball Rubber wheel
insert heh! check http://www.marcospec.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?

Syclone guy 09-30-2003 11:44 AM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
That looks like a great buy. The paint is great. I sold these units back in 89, and I still have a one in running condition.


Syclone guy 09-30-2003 11:51 AM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?

Any interest in the old Kyosho 1:8 scale motorcycles?
Does anybody have any leeds on this Kyosho motorcycle?

BACKEMF 09-30-2003 01:23 PM

RE: Kyosho 1:8 scale, What are the best mods?
Here in Ebay a good price on a new one that will still require the special receiver/Elactronic Speed Control and a transmitter and a battery. If you look at his other Auctions you will see pretty much everything you need or want to run one of these Kyosho Bikes. Here You Go:

Sorry that doesn't work. Just go to Ebay, then click on Toys and Hobbies, then click on Radio Control, then Type in the word "Motorcycle" Only! and you will get all the listings of whats for sale Re: Motorcycle Kyosho 1/8th Scale. The ID # is 3147244974 for the bike I tried to link you to.

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