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Cool with Craft Robo!

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Default Cool with Craft Robo!

By Charlie B

As most of you know, im all for using all tools possible to achieve my artistic goal. Whether it is a digital drawing to using vinyl masks to get the paint job i want. Being a big fan of digital drawings and using them to make my designs, i decided to do something way different for this project i been working on.

With the new days of racing, pretty much everyone is going Lipo for batteries. yes, teh initial cost is more, but using one is such little was a no brainer. SO i get my Lipo Charger from Integty. Great price, and with probably the easiest charger to use..i select the cell amount(2), set the voltage to Lipo(4.25v for more POWAH!), put the amperage to 5 and go. In 30 minutes, you have a charge that will last you at least 2 races for stock class with out needing to re-peak. DIALED!

Only gripe really is that it is SOO plain. I mean, i seen De Loreans that are more flashy!

I originally thought...Hmm...maybe ill put flames on this like my Victor Charger.(wish i still had a pic of it somewhere) but it dawned on me...why not make more use of the Craft Robo cutter and make a "Wrap" for it?
So i go over to OOC's headquarters to the R&D Department where John was testing airflow with his custom built air tunnel. Yes, it actually works to test airflow for his scoops!

Anyway, with his help i got started with my little project. I first had to make measurements of all the openings of teh charger..and i mean ALL! So i take pix of the charger in ALL angles. I then upload the pictures to Adobe Illustrator and trace all the shapes out with the shape tools for all the regular polygons; rectangles for the display and switches, the plug wires, and the circle tool for all the LED lights as well as all the screw holes and buttons. For the overall shape and the side vents, i used the Pentool to make sure it was accurate. I had to separate the cut file into panels to make the wrap a lot easier to apply.( See Fig.1)
Once i was done with the design, I went ahead and used the cutfile in Illustrator as my guide/template to design the look of the charger. Obviously, i went with the CFXPAINTWORKS.COM look for my charger. I also wanted to personalize it more by adding my name and CFX website address. Once i was happy with was ready to be made.(See Fig.2(

As you can see, its a pretty simple concept. John then tested the layout by doing a test cut using a ballpoint pen instead of a blade on regular printer paper. What Separates teh Craft Robo from the other cutters is the use of Registration marks. These marks help align your masking materials so you can either do multi color vinyl or in my case, a graphic plus a clear laminate to protect the artwork.

To print the printable vinyl offered with the CFX/OOC Craft Robo kit, all i needed was a regular desktop printer or "inkjet printer".. You want the best quality image for this issue. We printed the Artwork tthen applied the clear laminate to protect the print work. Now, for the Craft Robo.

We inserted the artwork with the clear laminate in the Craft Robo. Because the Craft Robo reads off the registration marks, it was no problem for the Craft Robo to cut all the shapes out accurately and all in the right places. With all the weeding of the shapes done, it was time to apply the designs. Just like putting on stickers or decals for an RC car, this was easily as simple.

Now, with a new look, my new Lipo Charger looks KILLER! If you feel the Craft Robo is not worth the investment because it is only used for RC masks, think again. There are several more uses with the Craft Robo, i do believe it is worth every Penny. John even says he uses it to cut .20 lexan so he can make stencils out of them. Now that alone is way cooler then just using it as a vinyl cutter. I will let the results speak for themselves.

II wanted to thank John from OOC for showing how to make more use to the Craft Robo. remember, We here at CFXPAINTWORKS.COM gets a special EXCLUSIVE discount to all CFX members. advantage of this. If you were thinking about getting one...stop thinking and grab one while the price is still good. Ya never know how long the special will run. Thanx for reading guys...happy painting!

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