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genchan 01-08-2009 01:35 PM

Polycarbonate spray for acrylic?
Got a question to ask.

Can Tamiya spray color for polycarbonate be used for acrylic plastics? I am thinking of using it to spray my real car window's visor. I am not sure what the visor is normally made of. Correct me if I am wrong but I think its acrylic plastic.

So I am wondering if its okay to use Tamiya's spray can on the visor. If sprayed, will the paint peel out? Can it stand under hot sun?

Can I spray directly or should I spray a clear coat first before spraying Tamiya spray color?

Please advice. Thank you.

RGX Blade 01-08-2009 04:15 PM

RE: Polycarbonate spray for acrylic?
well you've come to the right place.....
we happen to be a "Automotive" painter that happens to paint R/C cars....

for the most part for most automotive applications...because they will use various plastics on the car...you'll need to get some kind of Adhesion promoter.....
bulldog and house of Kolor make these as well "DONT USE THE R/C TYPE ADHESION PROMOTERS ON YOUR REAL CAR".....
but use one of the other ones and you'll be ok....
from there yes you'll be able to use the Tamiya paints...not the greatest but they do the job...would recommend House of Kolor,AutoAir or PPG but
if the Tamiya one is all you have in the color you like, you'll be ok just be sure to prep the surface good....

to start make sure there is no "Grease" road grime or waxes on it...clean it real good..then get a scottch brite (red) and slightly scuff it....
take your bulldog (they have it in spay can)...give it a light coat...wait a minute or 2 lightly hit it again...
then paint as usual...

make sure you have the rest of the car covered from any overspray.....
when done you can hit it with a Commercial clear coat....bout 4 to 5 light to medium coats....
(wait for the coats to flash dry as by the cans instructions between coats)
once dry....bout 24 hours you can Buff it out....

if unsure or you have any other questions let me know at www.RGXRacing.com

genchan 01-09-2009 01:15 AM

RE: Polycarbonate spray for acrylic?
Thank you so much RGX Blade for your kind advice. I do have some follow-up questions.

1. Wouldn't using scotch brite on the window visor surface cause scratches?

2. As I live outside of US, I cannot find the brands of adhesion promoter you suggested. However, I came across a brand that says this - "DPI Adhesion Promoter 228's is specially formulated as an adhesion promoter for coating on polyolefin plastics because conventional coatings do not adhere well to untreated PE, PP and elastomer blends such as TPO's used in many car bumpers ." Do you think its okay to use this?

3. The Tamiya color that I intend to use is translucent type - smokey black color (transparent black). Would spraying Adhesion Promoter affects the transparent black tamiya color in any way?

4. For finishing coat, any clear coat will do?

5. When you say buff, you mean using car wax to polish it off?

6. Do I spray all these different coats/layers on the inner or outer part of the visor?

Thank you!

RGX Blade 01-10-2009 06:24 AM

RE: Polycarbonate spray for acrylic?
happy to help, oh and i sent a email to you....let me know if you got it....:D

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