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Chris Moon 04-11-2004 09:59 AM

OS 140 Plumbing Question
I am setting up my OS 140 and was going to use a 2 - tube setup. One open to vent on the bottom of the fuse, and a fuel dot with a "T" fitting on the feed line between the tank and pump for filling the tank. Is this going to work, or will it fill the carb when I fill the tank? OS instructions say to use fittings and run the line outside the fuse. Either way is fine although a fuel dot would look better. Thanks!

eoinjoc 04-11-2004 05:51 PM

RE: OS 140 Plumbing Question
I think you may be filling the carb as you try to fill the tank. I used to use a Dubro valve system, but it began to leak air. I now bring the tank-fill/carb line outside the fuz, split with a filter. It looks quite tidy and is very easy.

Eric.Henderson 04-11-2004 05:53 PM

RE: OS 140 Plumbing Question
The OS 1.40 carb will allow fuel to pass through it unless it is fully closed. This means that fuel will escape when being pumped into the tank. It can also escape if the tank is higher than the carb. The pump lets fuel through in that direction.

I used the "dot-system" and had no problems as long as I fully closed the throttle trim before switching off the RX. Of course if I forgot to do that, then the radio was needed to turned on before I could fill the tank.

I now use a "Break-in-the-line system" on all my pumped 2-c's. It prevents carb drip and fuel loss when filling. Allows easy cut-off at end-of-day - just dissconnect the line.

The engine really only floods when turned over too often. If run inverted much of the flooding comes from unburnt or raw fuel re-entering the cylinder from the header. The exterior line also allows you to pinch the line to lose excess fuel or test needle settings etc.

Chris Moon 04-11-2004 06:44 PM

RE: OS 140 Plumbing Question
Thanks for the replies. I like the outside the fuse way for running it dry at the end of the day, and pinch testing for rich / lean. I was thinking about the fuel dot only from a simplicity and aesthetic viewpoint. I already have some Tettra fittings, so I'll do the outside method as per the manual.

Eric.Henderson 04-11-2004 10:55 PM

RE: OS 140 Plumbing Question
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Jim Woodward sent this picture of his fuel line application. I took the idea and put my fuel line into the back of the cheek cowl on both my Temptation and my Focus-2. (No picture available at this time of night). Obviously there is only one line on a pumped motor, the vent being down there somewhere :-)


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