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d_bodary 12-18-2004 03:43 AM

140 rx fuel
What brand and type of Fuel is everyone running on the 140RX. I am hoping to get one for this year if they ever get in stock. Is 15% omega a good fuel for this engine? Anything else?

Mastertech 12-18-2004 10:24 AM

RE: 140 rx fuel
We've run 15-30% in my flying buddies 1.40RX Redmax,Coolpower and Magnum and it likes them all. Just took one apart to replace the stock bearing with a SS bearing and the engine looks like new.

TOYMAKER 12-18-2004 11:11 AM

RE: 140 rx fuel
CoolPower 15/17
15% nitro 17% oil

Penty of power and good needle settings with OS "F" plug.
When you replace the bearing either use the Stainless bearing and or any other brand leave the seals in the bearing.
Number 1 enigne original last 125 flights.
Number 2 engine the original lasted about 40 flights. I think because it sat for long time inbetween flighs and bearing rusted.
Number 1 engine has 150 flights on replacement bearing that I left the seal in it.

Wayne Galligan

Chris Moon 12-18-2004 12:16 PM

RE: 140 rx fuel
I have over 300 flights on my #1 140RX. It is fine with most any good fuel. I have run both Cool Power 10% and 15% with good results. I would definitely change the bearing even before you run it the first time. The stock one will not last too long and you will find yourself removing the engine from the plane to change it rather quickly. I use the sealed bearing from the EFI version ($25 from tower -stock code- LXWY09 ) and have 200+ flights on it, and it is still fine. You will love this motor.

eoinjoc 12-18-2004 03:41 PM

RE: 140 rx fuel
15% Cool Power with a 17x10 APC gives me good results. 53 flights so far on original bearing and no problems.

abarks 12-19-2004 10:26 AM

RE: 140 rx fuel
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I have approximately 60 flights on my 140RX, burning CoolPower 15%. I just removed the original bearing minutes ago (photo attached.) I agree with those who suggest replacing the bearing before you ever run the engine.

kennyandannie 12-19-2004 12:06 PM

RE: 140 rx fuel
Hey Dennis,

I see your moving up in the world:D:D

If I don't get the LA-2, the Excelleron 90 is the plane.

See 'ya next season,


rodney tanner 12-20-2004 01:46 PM

RE: 140 rx fuel
Great engines! I have two, with Mintor twin plug heads (OS F). I use Power Master 15% - 18% oil. #1 has 180 flts, still with the stock bearing. I use 5 drops of Mobile 1 as after run. I have a replacement bearing and ring on hand, just in case :-)

Jorgele 12-20-2004 03:47 PM

RE: 140 rx fuel
Hello gays, I have one OS 140 RX, I change the main bearing after 50 flights, How do you know when is necesary to chance the piston ring?
What are the symptoms when the ring should be replaced?
And what about the piston and cilinder liner? When is necesary to chance?


Jorge Lozano

TOYMAKER 12-21-2004 01:54 PM

RE: 140 rx fuel
This engine will pull up to a 17x13APC.... 17x10 seems like it would be under propped tad unless thats a wide blade prop. It really likes the 17x12 APC all around. APC also makes a 18x10n now that is also a good choice for slowing your plane down some. Sorry I'm off the fuel thing here!

Wayne G.

ORIGINAL: E O Callaghan

15% Cool Power with a 17x10 APC gives me good results. 53 flights so far on original bearing and no problems.

rodney tanner 12-22-2004 11:00 AM

RE: 140 rx fuel

What are the symptoms when the ring should be replaced?
And what about the piston and cilinder liner? When is necesary to chance?
Jorge: Main symptom will be sagging (loss of power) in the verticals. If this persists after changing the ring, it´s time for a new liner. (normally 500 flights)

Andrew Burgdorf 12-23-2004 08:57 PM

RE: 140 rx fuel
i've been running for some time now 15% nitro, 15% cool power oil. The oil however, is a blend of half red half blue. I found the motor throttled better with thin added. Running only thin oil caused the motor to become a bit rattly. Very soft sound with the combination. F plug and a 17 x 12 apc prop. main needle somewhere around 1 3/4 to 2 turns out depending on atmosphere (need to lean motor a touch when a hot day). low end around half way or factory setting. bearings are japanese quality C3 with high temp seals left in both bearings. C3 refers to the temp the bearing is designed to operate at i think. since installing sealed bearings, have never needed to replace them. 750 to 1000 flights so far with no sign of wear. never used an after run oil.
assuming the motor is tuned properly and has no blockages in tank, pump, carby, replace the ring if the motor sags in the vertical.
when tunning the motor, you should be able to squeeze the fuel line at any throttle setting and have to rev's increase. good way to check the motor is not lean.

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