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Digital servos chat when flaps up

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Default Digital servos chat when flaps up

Hello I have installed the 5585 digital siervos to muy 30cc beaver flaps. I have adjusted the end points con both up and down flaps and they work fine. However con flaps up I wabt to keep them levelled with the ailerons con neutral so I put a few clicks up the flaps to get them perfectly aligned, but then the flap servos will make noise. I am not putting the servo beyond limits of the flaps movement only to keep it aligned with ailerons. Is there any problem? Will I drain the battery por burn the servo? If I put the flaps lower the servo doesnt make any sound but then the flaps has a 5degree abd it is not up. The flaps un the up position tales some more torque to be perfectly aligned with the ailerons but i think it is normal...
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Is your receiver battery good? Plug it directly in to the receiver and see if that helps. Then plug the servos directly in to the receiver. Dan.
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Disconnect the linkage from the servo and manually verify that the servo can travel between your 2 end;pints without issues.
Also with the linkage disconnected verify that you you move the flap surface to your 'full up" position level with the ailerons without any binding.
(I am assuming that your neutral aileron position is correct and not both slightly up)
Then reattach the linkage to the servo and place an ammeter in between the servo and receiver (DIY or one of the commercial off the shelf ones).
Measure the current across the full programmed range and verify that there is no binding at any point between full up and full down
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Digital servos do chatter even at no-load.
If the noise increases as you try to raise the flap to center it then that means the servo is working harder due to either a binding control surface(hinge bound?), sticking linkage (horn, clevis, ball link, etc..), or the servo has reached the end of its travel or the arm is hitting the servo cover or wing.
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^Correct, it is completely normal for digital servos to chatter or make noises similar to morse code, this is due to the extremely high rate at which the circuit inside of the servo refreshes the motors position (up to nearly 300 times per second, an analog may be lucky to get 50 time per second).

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