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Anyone use Orange Rx or Futaba 2.4 compatible Rx

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Default Anyone use Orange Rx or Futaba 2.4 compatible Rx

Just want to know if anyone has had successfully used them.
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they seem to work fine.
using them for several years in average size foam aircraft.
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I had a Spectrum module and a "Robbe" Futaba Fasst module for my old skool Jr9303 that came with the 72 MHZ module when new, The Spektrum module DSM2 worked well, but the Robbe Fasst module was "really" FASST and required me to add in more expo as compared to Spektrum, I then bought orange Rx for the FAsst and they worked fine but noticabley slower responding than the OEM FASST rx, never had a problem with them other than noticably slower.... .02
Old 12-28-2018, 01:18 PM
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I've never played with those rx's, but there is lots of information over on RC Groups suggesting that you should stay away from the Orange ones but the yellow or "Lemon" ones are okay.
Old 12-28-2018, 01:57 PM
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I have three of the Orange 8ch DMSS receivers that I use with my XG-14, mostly, or my 28X. I use them in my electrics, prop, EDF and electric twin. You can get 5 or more of them for what a real JR receiver costs. Tested in an expendable first but never a problem. Of all things, they have Futaba's S-Bus in them instead of JR's X-Bus. But, it works fine with XPS's X10+ Xpander in S-Bus mode using 11 channels. Still reluctant to put them in something expensive. Ordered a couple more for my low end planes.
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I have been flying the Orange FASST receivers since they came out. Have about a dozen or so, all have been perfect. No issues and I fly them in giant scale gassers. I did a lot of testing in smaller foamies before that jump. I also use the Frysky FASST and FHSS for Futaba as well as Corona. Zero issues, they all work perfectly. For the price difference, its a no brainer.
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I've been using FrSky-brand 8-channel receivers with my old Futaba 14MZ for quite a few years - some models cost thousands. Can't speak personally for Orange-brand Spektrum receivers but I've seen plenty of them working just fine at my local field - again for years!
Old 02-22-2019, 01:24 PM
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I can vouch for the performance of the FrSky fasst compatibles. The 7 channel is a workhorse and unlike the Futaba R617, if you have an 8 channel or greater fasst transmitter with Multimode, the FrSky receivers will bind in multimode, giving you custom failsafe settings on all channels. I've used the little 4 channel receivers in 2M REF sailplanes that really need a failsafe to prevent a flyaway. Never a glitch or range issue. While they do cost more than the fruit flavored receivers, they're solid
Old 02-22-2019, 02:48 PM
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I have 1 orange in one of my foamies . Been useing it for several years without any problems. Never thought I wanted to put one in one of my better planes.
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When receivers approached $200 a pop I decided to look around. While I've no personal experience with the Orange-brand, plenty of guys at my field use them in a lot of models besides cheapo foamies. Me? Nothing against Spektrum, it's just that I've been using Futaba transmitters so long I'm almost hardwired for setting up a model in one - to the point I can probably do it in my sleep!

Meanwhile, I'm in the servo making business but have zero interest in offering anything else for radio systems, e.g. receivers. Of course, this doesn't stop me from looking at them closely and deciding whether something looks good enough, or not is second nature. After my first experience with the FrSky 8-channel receiver, I've kept on buying them. The point is, I have zero financial interest in sharing my experience.

And note; unlike servos where mechanical components are a huge part of the overall component, a receiver card is assembled with automated placers on a conveyor using surface mount components. Manual labor is basically limited to snapping the cards apart into individual boards, running a test routine to verify function, then slipping them into a plastic receiver case. E.g. they're so simple there's basically nothing to go wrong. Anyway, those FrSky receivers are cheap and work well for me.
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I've used them for several years with no problems. That said, I tend to use at least one satellite receiver on my glow powered models. My understanding is that the orange receivers don't like low voltage situations and it only takes a brief dip in voltage to cause the receiver to reboot. If your ESC can't keep up with the demand from some digital servos during abrupt 3D maneuvers you might have a problem. I generally fly glow models with analog servos and a 6 volt battery pack, so no problem for me. This is just my theory, you mileage may vary.

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