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Looking for an assist.. JR9503 and Eflite Supercub 25E

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Looking for an assist.. JR9503 and Eflite Supercub 25E

Old 04-08-2020, 01:20 PM
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Default Looking for an assist.. JR9503 and Eflite Supercub 25E

Greetings all!

Have been out of the hobby for a little bit and with nothing but time on my hands, I decided to do some programming on a radio that I bought a few years back (JR9503 Heli Version) to replace my DX7. I had my Eflite supercub flying like a champ on my DX7 (Sadly the battery died, and I'm not sending it back in AGAIN to have the OS reloaded).. In any event, I've been through the manual a bunch of times, but I'm clearly overlooking something because I'm getting all kinds of crazy with the flight controls..

Cub is setup on a 7CH receiver with the following channel assignments:
1. Throttle
2. Left Aileron
3. Elev
4. Rudder
5. Empty
6. Flaps on a Y cable.
7. Right Aileron

I'd like to get the cub setup with: Dual rates on primary flight controls, Flaps on 3 pos switch for up/down/1/2, flap to elevator mix.. Anyway, if anyone has any guidance or has seen a guide for similar setup, I'd be very thankful! Thanks very much in advance! I reached out to JR last week to see if someone there could offer some guidance, so far I haven't head back.. bummer!

Old 04-09-2020, 11:13 AM
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Been a long time since I had an X9303 so I'll give you some basics that JR does which will trip you up trying to get what you want.

The first is to go into the System menu and "INH" every channel above #4. First programming step is to setup the canned mixes like dual aileron servos, dual elevator servos, flaps etc. The radio will assign the extra channels and relabel them in the process. Then you can go back into the System menu and assign other channels that you would like, doesn't mean you'll wind up with them, but that's where to start. Some functions can only be assigned to certain channels so highlight the channels and it'll tell you which things can be assigned. Same thing with mixes, only certain mixes can go on certain channels, finally only certain operations and/or switches can be assigned to certain channels. Sometimes you can do a mix back to itself and get a different switch. I think there are two which you can assign anything and ch #9 is one of them. If you have mixes you want to use, you'll have to monkey around with the mix positions (order) to see what can go where.

Once done, you can go into the model menu and start working on deflections, expo, Flight Modes and such.

Biggest most important hint I can give you is that as you go along and get things working, back the model up. That way if you screw something up, you don't have to start over from scratch. Next hint is to go over to RCGroups and go into the radio forum, they have LOTS more participants over there who can help you.

Good luck!

Oh, only having a seven channel rx is going to make getting what you want, or close to it, much more difficult.

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Old 04-11-2020, 01:39 PM
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To program the 9503 properly, dual flying surfaces (ailerons, elevators, rudders and flaps) should be set up with the WING TYPE menu in the Function List and not by using a program mix. Doing otherwise you will lose much of the transmitter functionality, such as the trim for the right surface will not trim the left. When using the WING TYPE menu, the right surface always uses the named channel and the left uses an auxiliary channel. So in using the 9503 for your plane, the right aileron has to be on channel 2 and the left is on one of the auxiliary channels.

For a simple set up where both ailerons are deflected the same, it doesnít make any difference which aileron is designated as the right and the other as the left. But when the deflections differ, such as using the transmitter differential menu or using the ailerons as flaperons, the designations matter.


When you initially start to program and it is in its default state, all nine channels have a designated purpose. The first step in setting up dual ailerons is to free up the channels you donít wish to use so you can use one for the left aileron. This is done in the Devic. SEL menu in the Function List. All the channels shown in the menu could be used as the left aileron. As you wish to have FLAPS, leave it alone. As you are using a seven-channel receiver, it makes no difference what you do with AUX3 and AUX4, at least for now.

This leave GEAR (assuming your Super Cub doesnít have retracting landing gear) and AUX2 channels as candidates for the left aileron. The bottom row in the menu is labeled OUT:. Go to the item under each of the two channels. If it doesnít read INH, highlight the item and press the roller selector switch until it does.

The Devic. SEL menu is also used for the initial setup of your FLAP channel. As you wish to use a three-position switch to control the flaps, verify that the item under FLAP in the bottom row reads SYS.. If it reads INH or ACT, highlight it and press the selector roller switch until it turns to SYS.. You have a choice using one of two three-position switches for your flaps. If the switch shown in the second row is not your choice, highlight FLAP in the top roll and press the selector roller for switch options. The helicopter version of your transmitter may not have a switch on the outside labeled FLAP SW. If not, you will have to explore the switches to find where they are and what they are called.

You didnít ask about flight modes. They are set up in the Devic. SEL menu.

Go to the WING TYPE menu in the System List. Set WING: to NORMAL. In the lower half of the menu, highlight the item under AILE. It probably reads INH. Pressing the roller selector will show you the channels that are not in use. If you have inhibited AUX2 and GEAR in the Devic. SEL, they will show up. Pick your left aileron channel.

Now go to the FLAP SYS menu in the Function List. This menu lets you set the flap and elevator positions for each of the three positions on the switch you selected in the Devic. SEL menu under the FLAP column. The default settings will probably not be what you want, so change them. The menu also allows you to set up AUTO LAND. This is a topic in itself, so it is best to leave it INH.

Go to the MONITOR menu and verify that the ailerons and flap are working as you expect before activating the airborne system in your plane.


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