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Which radio

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Sir Glider
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Default Which radio

Getting back into flying sailplanes after a 12 year hiatus. Current radios are the old 72 MHz radios of hitec brand. Looking at purchasing a new radio that I can still use my hitec Servos with. I probably have 35 servos brand new in the box which I would like to still use.

Is it better to spend the extra amount and get a 8 channel radio vs. a 6 channel transmitter ? I am leaning towards the Spectrum brand. Also, is it wise to use alkaline batteries? Any input would be appreciated.
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generally speaking, most of the 3 wire servos will work with any modern rx. 12 year servos should fall into this description.
look for red wire in the center of the plug, with the ground(black or brown) and the signal(white or orange) on either side of it.
if you plug the servo into the rx wrong, and the servo does not respond, then remove the plug and turn it 180 and re plug it.
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If you're after Spektrum get a DX9, its the best value versus features.

No on the alkalines
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I'd go with NiMh batteries, not alkaline. They have much better capacity now and being rechargeable really helps. Plus you can buy them at Home depot or even a grocery store with a recharger. But I buy mine at Hobby King. Buy a dozen for under $30.
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Sir Glider
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I appreciate all of your input. Great site.
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Don McCullough
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Most modern radios have a NiMh, LiPo, or LiFe pack pre-assembled that plugs in. I never would trust battery holders that rely on springs to maintain contact. If going Spektrum, I second the DX9 recommendation as a minimum for full-house sailplanes.


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What about the Jumper T12 Pro? Is that good for planes, or is it mostly a drone radio?
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I've been on 35 mhz for years with RC planes, worked OK but long antennas are a pain , especially with flying wings, so I finally bit the bullet and went 2.4 Ghz. I saw the Flysky FS i6 complete with a rx advertised for just 35 I think it was. I'm more than pleased with it. Range is good, set up models is easy. It has fail safe, 20 model memory. What more could you want?
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disclaimer, I am rc submarine guy, and fly under water. Do to living in New York City and don't own a car. Thinking of try to take a bus with a 1/4 scale airplane with support equipment and transfer 4 to 5 time. That's way too much fun.

Stop there for a minute, you said that you have a hitec transmitter, does it has a training port or module bay. If yes you may still could change it to 2.4GHz.
so you don't have to relearn how to set up the transmitter.

Don't we all want new toys! ( I am still living off other people's ewast)
Information are from watch way too many YouTube!

easy of use. Out off the box, no add on. Just get back to flying.
your hitec is like DOS.
flysky is like moving from DOS to windows 3.1
T12, T16,.......opentx is like linux OS or IBM OS/2.
almost forget the key word for the new transmitter "telemetry", one more time telemetry. And tons load of functions you wish you can have back in the days.

hitec and flysky is like futaba and JR, you don't mix them.
T12, T16,...... go to every one that fly with in 3 years, take all theirs receivers put them in a bucket, close your eyes pick one out, 95% of the time it will bine(work)with it. The 5% that will be me putting in a FM 75MHz dual conversion, 27MHz and a 433MHz RX. I fly under the water.

Price gives and takes with out shipping.
lowest price for all the stuff will be come from china, so 30 to 40 days shipping. so you may have to order more receivers at the same time.
you may find a US dealer, just have to look for it.
then, there is the evil bay. I use it, is like a archaeology dig. It was that much then, and now is only what, and the shipping and tax, no xxxxing way.

Hitec conversion to 2.5Ghz. $40 +
Down side is getting harder to find. Don't forget the battery too. Another $40.

Flysky, there is a new one out. Is the NEWer new model FX-i6X 10CH, NOT 6ch like the old old one. For almost the same price! $50. + receiver.
take out the AA battery from your kid's game boy, you are good to go.

T12, T16, ....
I have to buy what battery and LiPo battery charger.
that's add up. Don't forget house and car fire from LiPo. $100 to $200 + A battery bunker.
But some TOP model has the no dead ban hall effect gimbals. With a flick of a switch, you now can do the move that used to end up in a black plastic bag going home.

I am Chinese, but never get the version that's they use.
to the "YouTube " for help.

futaba, hitec, Spektrum. All have been very good support.
Only 3 , we are doomed.
Sorry. I sounded like a old lady.

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What a terrible thing to say about old ladies!

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