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Jeti DS16G2 or DS24

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Default Jeti DS16G2 or DS24

So Iíve searched and read quite a bit over the last few days but man am I stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Iím a buy one cry once kind of fella and attempting to pick between these two maybe someone can help.

Has Jeti stated their stance on why the DS24 wasnít updated and doesnít support 900NG?

Is this something thatís liable to hold me back in the future?

Iíll be getting into my first turbine aircraft soon (sport jet) and being that the DS16G2 is capable of controlling 24CH what is the limiting factor above some additional switches and pay options?

If Jeti wouldíve just updated the DS24 it would probably be pretty cut and dry on my end and I wouldíve ended up with that TX.

Thanks for any help and insight you can provide.
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Iím a recent Jeti convert and sweated through the same decision process. Have you read through the entire Jeti thread on the ďotherĒ website? Itís full of great info. Donít forget the German Jeti forum too.

The ds16g2 actually has inputs (sticks, switches etc.) for 16 channels, up to 18. The 24 has 22, up to 24. This according to Jeti. Both do 24 channels.

Do you have a specific need for more than 18 inputs? Or do you need stick shakers?(*) Then go 24. Otherwise, the 16 is the better technology (chips in the transmitter) and, to the extent it matters, quite a bit cheaper. You may also want to do some research on the 900 NG side of things if you intend to use 900. Donít forget to study that comparison chart but to me thereís no compelling sell on the 24.

Itís a tough choice and you canít go wrong either way. My advice is to go with the newer technology radio, the 16g2, unless you need more than 18 controls. Eventually the 24 will be updated as well, but that may be years away especially for the US market.

I ended up with the 16g2 and adore it. Good luck and I think youíll be happy either way. The radios are incredibly powerful, easy to use and have what I think is the best telemetry and hardware ecosystem out there today.

As another note take a look at the Central Box line. I uploaded a comparison spreadsheet of the different models in the thread I mentioned. For a jet, the dual batteries, how power capacity, dual (or triple) redundant receivers and larger number of telemetry ports is a no-brainer. The Central Boxes are beautiful and super functional. And with dual 2.4 receivers, youíll be in dual path mode, meaning each transmitter module is individually bound to its own receiver. Four transmitter antennas and four receiver antennas, the ultimate diversity and redundancy (6 and 6 with 900 too). There is also an RC Switch available which allows you to turn your aircraft on and off from the transmitter.

PS find and follow Harry Curzonís setup video religiously for out-of-the-box general configuration. He also has great how-to videos on virtually everything, including of course Central Box setup with 2 or 3 receivers. Youíll find a great community of Jeti users.

(*) Actually even the stick shakers are possible:

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