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What to replace in a plane after 25 years?

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Default What to replace in a plane after 25 years?

Decided to go back and fly my 2M pattern plane after 17 years of it being stored in a closet (plane is over 25 years old). Has YS 140L in it (vibrates a lot).
What would you replace from electronics point of view? Obviously new receiver for new radio, what else - wires/switches/servos?
I hate to loose it due some rusted connectors or else. Can't believe that many years since I flew it.

Greatly appreciate your responses.
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Joseph Frost
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Upgrade to electrics, you will eliminate all vibes. Major overhaul is obviously required after such a long storage, watch out for the black wires!
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Switches and wires are cheap, plastic and insulation get brittle. I'd replace them. You don't say what battery chemistry or voltage you are using. 20 years ago 6v NiMh was pretty good but the newer receivers and servos can take advantage of higher voltages. If you are just dragging the plane out to play with a little and you were running good quality servos they are probably okay. If you are going to push the plane to its limits, then fresh servos, at least on the control surfaces, are a pretty reasonable investment. While you may not need more torque the newer servos are faster. I would be eyeballing the servo arms and linkages as well for age and forgotten wear.
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I pull old planes out of many retired pilots closets, and just get a new battery for it. Just inspect it and check it over. No UV light in a closet...excellent storage place for glow fuel too. Check your fuel tank, stopper, and lines?
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Nothing wrong with the YS, lots of people all over the world still fly Nitro F3A and YS is by far and away the top engine choice although the models in use these days, are considerably more advanced and powerful than your engine. It will however require an overhaul as water and Nitro fuel have an affinity for each other and rusted components can be a real issue especially if you never put any after run oil in the beastie. Also, all the seals will be shot, particularly those in the fuel system possibly the front crank seal.

Don't know who the YS importer/distributor is these days as the gentleman named Richard, who had it for years sold the rights a few years back, he used to offer an overhaul service that was very reasonable; it was $45.00 plus parts. You cannot even come close to buying the tools you'll need to do it yourself for that kind of money.

One of the best long time F3A and YS engines parts supply hobby shops in the country and the one I used most often is located in Montana, perhaps they could help with getting your engine overhauled but they'll at least sell you the parts if you want;

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my view is:

if this is an airframe you really like and want to keep, something you have an emotional investment in, then, your best bet is to first get something nice, but cheep to re awaken your skills on, before you put this one at risk. that way, you can be flying and sharpening those old reflexes while you are updating the equipment in the old girl.

just an old timers point of view.
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