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Default Crow/Butterfly

I am building a Hanger 9 Ultra Stik w/Ailerons and flaps. The manual describes setting the plane up using the Glider mode in a Futaba 8U radio. I am not sure I understand Crow/Butterfly. Especially the relationship of throttle to the surface deflection. Can anyone help with the proper way to program this mode?
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Default RE: Crow/Butterfly

Just follow the programing instructions in the manual, it'll work fine.
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Default RE: Crow/Butterfly

Actually, the instructions in the manual are not 100% correct. Use the following addendum with the Hanger 9 instructions: (BTW, page numbers refer to the old 120-size Ultra Stick -- just follow along with the Step reference)

Hanger 9 Ultra Stick Quad Flap Programming Addendum

For the Hangar 9 Ultra Stick with, there are errors in the 8U programming guide which do not
allow proper flap operation. The following Addendum to the 120 Ultra Stick manual corrects the errors and provides flap
capability so you can:

A) Keep all other features exactly as they should be.

B) Deploy the flaps using Switch-H (P.Mix). With switch in "on" position, flaps are deployed to
angle set with knob-6. In "off" position, the flaps are centered and knob-6 is inhibited,
regardless of its setting.
- AND -
C) Trim the angle of flaps with control knob 6.
With the knob all the way to the left, the flaps are down.
With the knob at 12:00, the flaps are centered.
With the knob all the way to the right, the flaps go up.
This setting will only be deployed when you set Switch-H to the "on" position.

Page 83 - Step 1: As per manual
Page 84 - Step 2: As per manual
Page 84 - Step 3: As per manual
Page 84 - Step 4: Omit this step. If you performed this step, set FLPTRM back to "INH".
Note: there are two "Step 4s"
Page 85 - Step 4: As per manual
Page 86 - Step 5: Delete the sentence starting with "Now press the CURSOR until the FLP
appears...". Perform all other instructions as per manual.
Page 86 - Step 6: As per manual
Page 86 - Step 7: AS per manual
Page 87 - Step 8: As per manual
Page 87 - Step 9: As per manual. Note a positive % gives down flaps with up elevator, a
negative % gives up flaps with up elevator.
Page 88 - Step10: As per manual. Make sure to change AIL-FL to appear on SW-E - not G.

A1: Press the 2 advanced buttons together.
A2: Press mode until you get to PMIX- 2.
A3: Press + key so reads OFF or ON instead of INH.
A4: Press cursor key. press + until says Ch6.
A5: Press cursor key once.
A6: Press + key until second field says CH 6.
A7: Press cursor key. Turn ch 6 knob all the way to left.
A8: Set % to desired percent, the max throw we get in the flap trim.
A9: Turn ch 6 knob all the way to the right and set desired % (set 0 if you don't want
A10: Press cursor key to Link.
A11: Press + key to link ON (otherwise only one servo will work).
A12: Press cursor key. Leave offset at 0.
A13: Press cursor key. Select switch position you want for flaps.
A14: Press cursor key and press + key to select position you want

Channel 6 is flap trim dial. With the dial all the way to the left you have flaps dropped, with
the dial all
the way to the right you have flaps raised (or null if you set % to 0).

Butterfly is assigned to switch A and is not reassignable, so move your dual rate to another

B1: Press your 2 basic menu buttons
Press the arrow up button until D/R-AI.
B2: Press theCursor button so now reads D/R-EL and SW-A is blinking.
Press + key to change from SW-A to either B or D.

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Default RE: Crow/Butterfly

I used the H9 instructions on my US 40. I didn't like the loss of the dual elevator switch... It seemed un-natural to use the dual rate elevator switch to control the crow...

I started with these instructions from Futaba ( ) and I liked the results much better...
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Default RE: Crow/Butterfly

what actually is crow?? please explain to me what happens to the control surfaces?

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Default RE: Crow/Butterfly

"Crow" refers to both ailerons deflecting upwards and both flaps deflecting downwards... lots of drag!

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