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Transmitter battery leads

Old 03-24-2004, 09:56 PM
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Default Transmitter battery leads

I have two Futaba transmitters (FP-T8u and 7C). This last weekend I pulled the packs and use my Triton charger to cycle them once and decided I would like to use this charger instead of the wall one. Now to the problem, the battery unplugs easily from the 8U, but I need a crowbar for the 7C. My idea is to splice in a second red plug and in essence, make two leads from the battery pack, this way I wouldn't have to unplug the lead from the transmitter and could plug the charger into the second lead and charge or cycle if I wanted to. Will this work, seems like it should and no, I won't turn the transmitter on while it is hooked to the charger and I don't intend to cut a hole in the battery cover. I have been fooling with this stuff since I built some Silver Seven units and do understand what I am trying to do, just need to know if it makes sense and will work. This would let me use leads for the Triton I already have made up and I wouldn't have to jump the diode in the TX.

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Default RE: Transmitter battery leads

As long as the transmitter remains off you should be fine. As an added saftey precaution you may want to attach a switch that will chose which lead is connected just to prevent any possible problems if the transmitter is accidentally left on, shouldn't take up too much space.
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Default RE: Transmitter battery leads

Does the 7C have the same polyswitch setup as the 9C?? If so, there is no diode to jump and you will just require the appropriate charge jack for your charger and the batteries could be charged in the radio without any mods. Anyone know whether this feature is part of the new 7C?

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Default RE: Transmitter battery leads

I Recon a better Idea would be to do this:

I have 2 JR 2610 Transmitters. I also prefer to charge my TX batteries with my swallow charger. These batteries have a tiny plug that is [email protected] difficult to get in and out of the TX. So I opened my tX and soldered a standard JR servo lead / Battery lead to the battery, and the female plug (other side of the lead) to the TX teminals. Easy charging, Easy removal, problem solved.
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Default RE: Transmitter battery leads

I'm not quite sure I understand how electri-fly did it, but on my Hitec Eclipse 7 I removed some insulation from the middle of the two battery connector wires and soldered on a Futaba charge lead ("Y-ed" to each wire). To charge, now all I do is open the battery door, pull out the new charge jack, and connect it to my charger lead.
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Default RE: Transmitter battery leads

something is wrong with your 7c. my battery unplugs very easily. study why that plug is so hard to get out. you may have to get a knife in there to cut some of the case away so that the plug can enter that little slot easily. dont get all wraped up with cycling batteries, it is so unnecessary. 1 or 2 times a year is fine.

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