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Source of Radio Glitches???

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Default Source of Radio Glitches???

I've had my Aeroworks X300L Profile for about 6 months but have not flown it that much, primarily due to weather.

I have always had problems that appear to be due to intermittent interference, i.e., momentary glitches that cause the control surfaces (all of them) to jump. This has happened both on the ground and in the air (I'm not sure if glitching only occurred during engine run). I have also, on two occasions, have had to reset my airlon servos (Hitec digital servos reset with Hitec servo programmer -- re-center and reset the endpoints) after an extensive flying pause because when fired up the neutral position was changed.


a) Aeroworks X300L Profile
b) Moki 180 -w- Bisen Sports Muffler
c) (2) Hitec HS-5625s on the airlons with 24" extensions (carbon rod pushrods/4-40 wire, dubro ball-joint clevis)
d) (2) Hitec HS-5625s on the split elevator with 36" extensions (carbon rod pushrods/4-40 wire, dubro ball-joint clevis)
e) (1) Hitec HS-5645 on the rudder with 36" extension (carbon rod pushrods/4-40 wire, dubro ball-joint clevis)
f) (1) Hitec HS-425 on the throttle
g) (1) Hitec Super-Slim 8 FM RX, channel 38
h) (1) MPI Switch
i) (1) 3500mah NIMH RX battery pack (generic brand)

This is what I have done to date to try to narrow down the problem:

1) I suspected my servo leads where too long. The tail has 36" extensions and the and airlon servos have 24" extensions on them. The extensions are not what you call heavy-duty but are a higher guage than the servo leads themselves. I tried twisting the airlon servos. I really don't think this did a thing.

2) I also suspected my RX might be intermittent -- could not remember whether it had ever been in a crash. I replaced the RX with a brand new one (I'm not sure I used a new Xtal)

More thoughts to consider:

1) The 3500mah NIMH RX battery pack might be causing a over-voltage problem. Two things I can try:

a) Switch to an 4.8 pack
b) Changeout MPI switch for a MPI Miracle switch which has a voltage regulator built in.

2) Channel 38 might be a problem (other members on this channel don't seem to have problems and I have other airplanes on this channel that I might have had a problem but no where near the level I have on this airplane) -- change to 35 Make sure the Xtal is brand new.

Anyone have other ideas? Does the problem with the airlon servo (actually it has been only one of the airlons, I have reprogrammed both each time to keep them in sync) sound familiar to anyone?

I am guessing that the over-kill battery pack is a potential problem. I am also guessing it might just be a bad Xtal in the RX.
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Default RE: Source of Radio Glitches???

Crystal sounds like a good bet to me! Do the servos jump when you tap the Rx case? Over-voltage of the battery could be an issue with a fresh charge but should be OK after a few minutes of on time - some Rx's are more bothered than others. You might try a voltage regulator if you want to stick with the high capacity Rx pack. Easy enough to change to a 4.8V pack to check. If glitches are only with engine on, look for possible metal-to-metal contact (as well as crystal). Try unplugging your servo leads one at a time to see if there is an issue with one or more of the servos or servo extensions. Try a different antenna routing- it may help, depending what's close by. I don't know much about digital servos so I can't be any help there. I think you have most of the bases covered but I'm sure there are things I haven't considered. Good luck with it.


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