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I like Sanwa/Airtronics but no one uses them

Old 10-08-2005, 11:59 PM
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Default I like Sanwa/Airtronics but no one uses them

I live in Australia and wanting to get a nice 6ch computer radio had my eyes set on a Airtronic VG6000. Over here its branded Sanwa. Anyway after talking to my friend he convinced me away from Sanwa due to no one having the brand and limited stocking in Australia. I think its a shame that I will be looking elsewhere because it looks like a great radio but no instructors will have another for the buddy box to help me train.

So just a few questions.

Can Airtronics/Sanwa receivers be interchanged with other brands?

Can Airtronics/Sanwa servos be interchanged with other brands?

Also would I be able to learn how to fly by myself with an instructor looking over my shoulder or is the buddy system a must for any newbie flyer?

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Default RE: I like Sanwa/Airtronics but no one uses them

It's a little extra money but you could buy an Airtronics buddy box and cord. I had to do this because the box I'm holding is on Mode 3 and everyone in our club is on Mode 2.

I know a lot of people were taught by handing the transmitter back and forth and it works; but there's more risk due to the time it takes and the possibility of dropping the transmitter during the exchange.

I read somewhere about an instructor who teaches by standing behind the student and reaches around to guide the student's movements. I'm so fatthe instructor would have to have really long arms to make that work.

Modern Airtronics servos with the "Z" connector are direct plug-in with JR and Hitec, and Futaba if you cut the little tab off of the Futaba male connector.

My receiver answer is based on the US market and 72 mhz band;
Hitec, GWS, FMA, and Polk makes receivers that are compatible with Airtronics. JR receivers are compatible with Airtronics.
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Default RE: I like Sanwa/Airtronics but no one uses them

is this radio not shift selectable ? I know the airtronics VG8000 has this feature. Meaning you can program the radio to work with any FM rx weather it be a negative shift or positive shift rx
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Default RE: I like Sanwa/Airtronics but no one uses them

I'm from the US and I fly and like Airtronics and have for many years. Brian Tucker at Airtronics is extreamly helpful. They represent a great product. I don't know why more folks over here don't use Airtronics, also. I have been a very satisfide customer since the mid 1980s' when I switched from Kraft to Airtronics. What can I tell you, more than I am happy with mine and will stay with them, as long as they stay around. I sorta wonder if Airtronics and JR aren't the same OEM, anyway?!?
Old 11-17-2005, 10:59 AM
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Default RE: I like Sanwa/Airtronics but no one uses them

I used Airtronics through the 90's and was very happy with the brand's products. Back then, Airtronics was the "third" manufacturer behind Futaba and JR (at least here in the US) and gave the Big Two fairly good competition by introducing many very innovative designs. Air was especially strong in niche markets like sailplanes. When I lived in LA and was a member of SULA (Soaring Union of LA), several of the top F3B fliers were all members of the club and they all fly Airtronics.

Airtronics' popularity problem back then was mostly due to the fact that the two Big Giants - Hobbico and Horizon - have Futaba and JR as their house brands and don't generally push others like Air and Hitec. Over the years, Hitec has grown to become a much stronger independent than Air and has now replaced it as the ranking "third" manufacturer.

Also, in recent years, Airtronics seems to have lost steam in their product development. Their "flagship" radio Stylus is still an 8ch design dating back to the early 90s. I had wanted very much to stay with Air, but the Stylus I salivated over back 14yrs ago just can't hold a candle up against the newer TXs from other makes. I finally had to jump ship over the Futaba because Air is just not strong in the higher end TX that I am interested in now. If you are happy with their low to mid-grade TX and don't plan to upgrade to top-of-line radio any time soon, then there is nothing wrong with going Airtronics.

Their surface radio is still arguably the best in the world. They just replaced their venerable M8 with the new M11. I only wish they would spend some R&D bucks on airplane radio systems as well.
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Default RE: I like Sanwa/Airtronics but no one uses them

are you flying fixed wing or heli? if you're flying a plane, buddy'ing up is the way to go. If heli..well both ways are good candidates for a flight simulator.
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Default RE: I like Sanwa/Airtronics but no one uses them

I can't complain about Airtronics reliability. I still use a 17 year old SP7P but longevity doesn't sell radios, an endless list of new features and a pretty case does. I've had and witnessed too many failures with Futaba equipment to ever buy any more of it. My next radio will be a high-end JR with their new dual conversion pcm receiver.
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Default RE: I like Sanwa/Airtronics but no one uses them

I like Airtronics radios....they've never let me down in over 25 years of use!
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Default RE: I like Sanwa/Airtronics but no one uses them

i bought a second hand sanwa vg6000 a year ago after my 6exa sudenly stoped sending a signal out?? it has been a great radio that worked with all my recivers (gws, sanwa, webra, futaba and micron) and to round it all off it has all the features i need!
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Default RE: I like Sanwa/Airtronics but no one uses them

wots happened? im too a die hard using sanwa .. not just because of getting it in the kneck from our local clubs here .. & moans about "not going with the flow" being stuborn by not buying futaba .. as the rest.[:@]
i thought some of the sanwa designs look rather more sofisticated .. but oh dear .. theres not much around now. u can still pick up s/h on ebay & some shops may have a odd set on the shelf but hitec seem to have gone into the lead as u rightly say. im trying to decide between jr or futaba for a upgrade as my old infinity 660 is quite old now. when i read the specs i cant really see anything on the new ones that isnt on my one .. except maybee something ive never used in heli mode. all the mixings/timers/model naming etc seem about the same. the menus on my old 660 are a doddle. ive downloaded the manuals for futaba & jr & they look very complicated & yet the functions are the same. one thing i cant understand is that on my 12yr old sanwa the menus are all under a protective flap!! all the new ones are exposed .. for everyone to see .. & fumbling fingers.
shame .. i will be going with the flow very soon !!
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Default RE: I like Sanwa/Airtronics but no one uses them

I fly Airtronics radios but I'm getting ready to switch. To get an Airtronics PCM radio now a days is way to costly compared to all the other manufactures. Airtronics just doen't seem to be staying with the pack anymore.

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