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GEM 2000 good or bad?

Old 12-05-2005, 04:56 PM
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Default GEM 2000 good or bad?

Hi to you all
I am very interested in the gem 2000, particularily because the warning(s) are given whilst flying.
I am a flyer in the uk and we fly at 35Mhz not the 72 Mhz that you guys fly. I tend to fly gas models and safety is of prime concern.
My question is about the capabilities of the unit to sense interference, when I view the web site faq's it seems to imply that it senses interference on the 72Mhz spectrum which would be no good to us in the uk.
Now I know what you're thinking - why not ask the manufacturer, well I have done and they have not replied, to be honest the only reason I am persevering is that i think that this device is a must (if it works), and I can't find a comparable item anywhere. I have a buddy who has bought 4 of these units and the servos jitter on all of his planes (5 different planes - 4 different gem 2000's) he has also emailed the manufacturer (3 times) with no reply.
Now I have read the forums and opinion seems to be in favour of the gem 2000 but going back to the interference question one thing that really disturbs me is the quote by RCRob

If the radio is a PCM system which features 'servo lockout' for RFI / Noise problems . . . the G2K is intentionally designed to throw the system into failsafe during the 'preflight' check and prevent the model from becoming airborne in the first place if the problem is of a severe enough nature. If that's the case, common sense dictates that the model should not be flying in the first place. It's potentially dangerous!

Trouble is what if the gem 2000 does this in flight? Why do it in the first place? If the interference is bad enough the pcm receiver will lockout any way.

Sorry to go on a bit, but can anyone (the manufacturer hopefully) clarify the 72Mhz situation, and why jitter the servos? why not make the led constant with say a little diode to indicate interference rather than a flat battery?

Hope you can help


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