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MPI Servos, Any Good?

Old 11-21-2002, 12:49 PM
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Default MPI Servos, Any Good?

I've been looking at the ads for MPI servos offered by Maxx products. They seem very cheap with some great specs. Example: Transit time .08 with around 100 ounces of torque all for only about $45 dollars. Doesn't say, but I take it that's on 6 volts.

Seems to good to be true.

Anybody have experience with these babies. Let me know what you think before I buy.

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Default MPI Servos, Any Good?

I'm very interested in these as well. I have some new Hitec 945's that have roughly the same spec at 2x the price. The Hitecs have more deadband that I care for in an $80 servo. I have a Patty Extra that I'm working on, and MPI's might just fit the bill. But I too would like to get some feedback before I try them out. Chuck
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Default MPI Servos, Any Good?

The current MPI coreless servos are the same ones FMA was selling as their 35xx/36xx series up through early last year. I have a bunch of the FMA ones on-hand and a couple of the MPI versions.

They are strong, very fast and center quite well. I've only run them on 4 cells - never saw a need for 5.

However I've had two of these servos die in the same plane over the past couple of weeks.

The first failure was the rudder servo - it died in-air. The reason: one of the wires brroke loose of the motor. I resoldered both wires and potted them with RTV and its working fine.

The second servo was the rudder servo. This one died after a normal landing - when I walked over to retrieve the plane the elevator was in the full-up position and was nonresponsive to the TX stick. OMFG. I'm glad this one stopped working on the ground!

After a couple of minutes of sitting with the rx still on the elevator servo went zip! centered itself and worked like normal. Need I say that I didn't fly that bird again that day?

I haven't diagnosed the second failure - too busy. I suspect another broken wire, though.

Weird timing. I have recently swapped in a more powerful engine into this particular plane - perhaps there's some unusual vibration that wasn't there before.

BTW I have about a year on this particular airframe, and have never crashed it nor any of the on-board gear.

I plan to pull the remaining servos, inspect and resolder any dodgy joints then pot the wires with RTV.

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