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zoomzoooie 08-16-2003 06:45 AM

Servo dimensions?
:confused: Servo dimensions :confused:

Some of the measurements of sub micro servos I see, seem small enough but...

I need to where the listed measurements of servos are taken from. Do they include the mounting tabs, control arm and screw or are they just the main case of the servo? I don't have a LHS to go and see and measure servos.

Who makes the smallest servos?

I need to find a couple of sub micro servos that measure:
H 1,1/8" x W 3/8" x L 1,1/4" including the tabs, control arm and screw. The only measurement that could be slightly larger is the length. The height and width are maximums.

I have a 9 gram servo that the main case measures:
H 15/16" x W 3/8" x L 7/8". If I include the tabs, control arm and screw it Measures: H 1,3/8" x W 3/8" x L 1,1/4". What category is this servo classed as? Micro or sub micro.

I want to put them in a HLG. It is a pod and boom type. The problem is the radio compartment is very very small and these servos I have are to tall to fit.


zoomzoooie 08-16-2003 08:45 PM

Servo dimensions?
I did a little more digging around and it appears that the measurements are of the main case and don't include the mounting tabs or the control arm and screw.

I found Pico BB sub micro servos should fit. The case is L .90" x W.37" x H .61". Thats about 1/4" shorter than the servo I have.
The one I have appears to be about the same size as the Pico Naro sub micro servo. It's some import. It just says P&C PC-09 on it.

I think I will get a couple of these Pico BB sub micro servos.


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