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Awenzel1979 11-23-2021 01:47 PM

75mhz radio questions
Good day everyone have a few questions for all of you experts.. All of my RC experience up till now has all been with 2.4 GHz transmitters and receivers. With that said I do have interest in going into some vintage RC boats and possibly submergeable submarines. My understanding is the my understanding is these best run off of 75mhz radios and transmitters. Looking for used 5 plus channel radios everything seems to be in the 72 MHz frequency. Question would be what 75mhz radios can you all recommend with at least 5 channels channels new or used reused I have only looked on eBay and the classified section here on this website. Where else could you all recommend looking to to pick up radio? And what type/brand would you also recommend or stay away from ?

Thank you !

Zeeb 11-24-2021 04:35 PM

The 72MHz band is not authorized by the FCC for ground RC operations. I cannot remember the last time I saw one for sale in this radio forum, perhaps if you start looking in the car or sailing forums?

There are way more radios bought and sold over on RC Groups, you might keep an eye over there as well.

Dick T. 11-26-2021 02:04 PM

You may have to cobble a system together from varied sources. Currently there are several 75mhz four channel transmitters on Ebay (item # 294487612557 and 304196590885) via 75mh transmitter search. Also a number of receivers via a search.

Most ground systems were two and three channels however four channels and greater are more difficult to find but are out there.

Join RCGroups, if not already a member there, and post a want in Classified/Radios and in the Car/Boat forums. There is a lot of traffic over there so a better resource.

Good luck.

Awenzel1979 11-26-2021 02:12 PM

Thank you everyone. Could I take a fubata T6xa FM radio and in using dual conversion crystals and receiver applying that to a ground vehicle? I'm looking for atleast 5 if not 6 channels for a boat/Submarine application.

Dick T. 11-26-2021 07:00 PM

It might work but the transmitting frequency may be way our of spec and the receiver will also be. Browsed some old forums on this topic and learned the Futaba 9C is FCC certified for 75mhz with the appropriate plug in module. Since 9C transmitters and modules are easy to find at reasonable prices today that may be the safest route. Should not be to difficult to find 75mhz Futaba receivers although 5-6 channels might be elusive.

mongo 11-26-2021 07:35 PM

if, you can locate a 75 mhz module, you can then use any module based tx of the appropriate time frame of mfg to operate a 75 mhz rx.
futaba used to market a module based radio in the 5 ch, 7 ch and 8 ch range as well as the top line 9 ch versions.

radio south might be able to help you with finding a module.

cheapsub 11-28-2021 09:46 PM

20 years too late. lot of us give up, declare the bathtub is a no fly zone.
only rc sub guys still using them, not too many of us giving them up. finding crystal is a headache. they stop making them 20 year ago.
forget about 27MHz, it is even harder to find. there is some new info about a DIY.

433 MHz! it works under water, if you ask a HAM guy, it is also in the gray area. and china stop making them.

there is a way to make a 72 to 75, one is in the gray area (PM me), best one is get a good condition 72 set and a set of 75MHz crystal to a shop to re-tune.

other, if you can find a 75MHz RF module {Futaba,Hitec,JR, Novak, no airtronic} from a rc car guy.


2.4GHz go around.


sorry, is all over the place, will add 12/16 channel RX up date sometime. very light gray AREA.


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