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In2JeepN 03-07-2004 03:10 AM

Bad servo glitching question
Hey guys, I know that most of you here in the radio section are plane guys, and mostly fly in the warm weather etc but I was hoping someone could maybe give me some advice on my glitching problems. I have a JR XS3 computer radio (crystal-less 27M) for my RC truck, and I am having what seems to be bad interference problems. The radio system is only a couple of months old, and just today I put brand new Durcells in the radio, and a brand new 6v hump pack in the truck. Everything tests out fine in the house, no trouble at all, but after only a couple of minutes run time my truck becomes intermittently non-responsive (for a second or two) and then fine for a few seconds etc. I shut the engine off and the problem persists (eliminating vibration). Sometimes it seems almost like lag or delay, but by delay I mean 2 or 3 seconds as well....like I can pin the throttle, and literally count to 2 or 3 before the servo moves. Sometimes its sluggish in movement. Quite often it just twiches around in all directions regardless of what I am telling it to do. I have moved locations all across town. Could this be the cold weather in any way? It's below 0 here, but I have used the truck all winter. When I shut of the TX everything is fine. I have always been careful with my TX and it's never been dropped, but the RX takes a pretty good beating in the truck when we are jumping them etc. Is there any way to test the RX using a meter or anything? Any help would be appreciated.

Lynx 03-07-2004 04:05 PM

RE: Bad servo glitching question
Your best bet on testing the RX is to find someone that has a transmitter on the same frequency that will work with it. The kind of interference you're describing sounds like something faulty in the transmitter, operating the radio in 0 or bellow weather may be causing condensation inside the case once things heat up (the power amplifier gets pretty warm) so try it in a warm environement after it's had time to reach the warm area's tempature (like 2-3 hours after you bring it inside) and see if you can get the problem to happen again.

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