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hooker53 03-07-2004 09:52 AM

Maxx Products New LED Switch Harness
Hello All. Just thought I would put out a feeler on the New MPI switch harness with the charge jack and battery leds. Has anyone tried these? I bought two of these wire harness and although think they are neat, the leds blink while the servo is in transit req. of battery pack size or capacity. I know this is not a big thing as you prob. would want to observe a constant led reading. The leds seems more stable with it in the 4.8 setting on a 6.0 volt pack. When the lg. capacity battery pack got low, the yellow and red leds would become constant. When I cut the wire to set the harness to the proper voltage, the leds really got unstable.I know it will show good with a 6.0 volt pack with the unit in 4.8 mode because the voltage would never drop below the low voltage threshold, but when in 6.0 volt mode on a 6.0 volt pack I don't think the leds should be that twitchy. They don't seem to do it with the smaller Cap. better packs. The one I'm getting this on is over 2000 mils. What have you noticed about yours????? Thanks Hooker53

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