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eliminator 03-10-2004 09:51 AM

Futaba/Airtronics Compadibility (VG600)
I want to buy a new Futaba flight pack, but not sure if my Airtronics VG600 Radio is compadible with it? No one can give me a straight answer on this topic? If my radio can work with the Futaba flight pack, what about crystals? Would they have to be Futaba, Airtronics or both.

Please someone help me resolve this situation...



Rodney 03-10-2004 12:37 PM

RE: Futaba/Airtronics Compadibility (VG600)
Unless your new transmitter has a shift select capability, it will not be compatable with Futaba receivers. Most Futaba and Hitec receivers require a negative shift in the transmitter while Airtronics and JR require positive shift. I believe you can special order a Hitec receiver for positive shift and you can also buy aftermarket receivers such as FMA (which is a very good receiver) set up for either positive or negative shift transmitters. In fact, one of the FMA recievers can be purchased with a switch selectable shift so that you can use it with most any brand of transmitter. As to your crystal question, ALWAYs use the crystal provided by the manufacturer, i.e. Airtronics in Airtronics, Futaba in Futaba etc.; don't interchange them.

avinut 03-11-2004 09:35 AM

RE: Futaba/Airtronics Compadibility (VG600)
Just buy one of the Polk Hobbies receivers and fly it with whatever TX you want.

SwampFlier-RCU 03-11-2004 10:59 AM

RE: Futaba/Airtronics Compadibility (VG600)
I am not sure if the Polk receivers are shift selectable, I am sure they are channel selectable.
I looked at the VG6000 manual and did not find how to change the FM shift so I am pretty sure you can't use futaba?hitec equipment on it. I have an RD6000 Sport and that one is shift selectable. You have to use a JR/Airtrinics receiver

CP140 03-11-2004 08:35 PM

RE: Futaba/Airtronics Compadibility (VG600)
No, I'm sorry to tell you that if you purchase a Futaba flight pack, your Airtronics VG600 will not work with it. They use different "shifts". You could purchase a Hitec flight pack(just make sure it has one of the receivers that is shift selectable), a JR flight pack or an airtronics flight pack.

SwampFlier-RCU 03-12-2004 08:16 AM

RE: Futaba/Airtronics Compadibility (VG600)
Futaba/HItec are - shift
JR/Airtronics ar + shift
So for the VG6000 you need an Airtronics of JR receiver

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