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sydlow 03-20-2004 12:51 AM

Possible Futaba 9CAP recall
Does anyone know anything about this? I copied the following out of a thread from the Gliders and Sailplanes forum:

"just found out that futaba has recalled the 9cap for a defective chip in flap mode. that would explain why my mixes were missing that i just set.

i was trying to get my vtail and my spoiler on ch.6 to deploy using teh VRD H switch so i could control the amount at different times.

Direct link to thread:

IA-Flyer 03-20-2004 01:36 AM

RE: Possible Futaba 9CAP recall
Thanks for the heads up!

I’ve been reading about the 9CAP lately because I was going to buy one.
I bumped into some other threads that talked about lost settings and mixes, I think I’ll wait and see how this comes out, buggy programming is something I don’t need in a radio!
It’s too bad they don’t put a USB port on “computer” radios so you could backup settings and update the firmware at home.

rajul 03-20-2004 10:49 AM

RE: Possible Futaba 9CAP recall
As far as I know, the 9C "v-tail bug" is history. If you have the older stock with shorter Vr knobs, Futaba will exchange your processor FOC when you send it in for service. The newer stock with tall Vr knobs comes with the upgraded processor.

Technical description of the v-tail bug : In Glid2 mode, when programming the butterfly function with elevator compensation and vtail, the elevator servo travels twice the distance of the rudder servo (Both servos are suppose to travel equal distance). When elevator delay is used in butterfly, the rudder servo oscillates (It is suppose to move gradually to the endpoint).

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