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bbbair 11-22-2005 09:04 PM

Odd Antenna
OK Guys;
I recently acquired a JR receiver (Model NER-327X) as a part of a package deal, no problem I have faith in JR (does anyone know anything about the NER 327X ?) – BUT the antenna was only 6” long and had a male connector on it. [:o]

I eventually found a matching unit in the box – BUT it amounts to another 6” of wire that runs into a small circuit board and then an eight inch piece of rigid wire comes out . . . I have never seen such an arrangement in RC before… very interesting! It appears to be a LC adaptor to allow a shorter antenna for a scale appearance (I think). [:o]

Does this thing actually work or should I cut the wire and solder on another 36" of wire to make a “Normal” antenna?

Rodney 11-23-2005 08:48 AM

RE: Odd Antenna
Yes, this will probably work after a fashion; you will almost certainly not have the range that is available with a normal 39 to 41 inch antenna though. There are a number of these shortened antennas available and most all claim to be good. It is a simple scientific fact though that range will suffer to a degree. Fortunately, the radio receivers are good enough to give you adequate range even with this shortened antenna. Do do a good range check first if you decide to use it. There is a web site, can't recall the exact address, but if you Google MrRCcam you should find it, that does have results of tests on antenna changes and the effect of lengths.

bbbair 11-23-2005 12:20 PM

RE: Odd Antenna
A local fellow Identified this Antenna for me.
Apparantly it was popular with the helicopter guys a few years ago, as it didn't trail out behind the heli and get snagged in the blades etc. most helis stay 'Close' to the pilot due to the type of flying they do . . . where as with a fixed wing AC they are less favoured because the Fixed wing AC tend to be flown further away.

So my bottom line; I'm going to replace it with a "REAL" antenna and sell this one at the next swap meet.
Does anyone know what they are worth?

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