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The Rook 11-23-2005 05:25 PM

Ready to buy...Last minute questions
Hi all,
I'm ordering my Radio today and I have some last minute questions. I'm looking at either the Futabe 6exa or the Futaba 7c. If I am planning on flying park flyers and gas kits with this, does it matter if I order it with the micro or normal set up? Would it be cheaper in the long run to order the standard setup and then buy the micro servos/receiver. What do they mean by PCM mode?

Are there some channels that are better (less common, less interference at the field, etc)

Thanks for all the help! I've learned so much from this site.

MikeMayberry 11-23-2005 05:44 PM

RE: Ready to buy...Last minute questions
You might look at the Hitec Optic 6 which is very similar to the 7C and far more capable than the 6EXA, and get the TX only with Spectra synthesized module which will allow you to select any channel for about $179.99. Then, get the flight pack you need for your particular model; Hitec offers flight packs for all types of models as well.

You will be stuck on the channel you purchase the 6EXA or 7C on since they do not use a module and it is illegal to change crystals in the transmitter without retuning. With the Spectra module you can just dial in any of the 50 channels and then match the channel in the receiver with a crystal.


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