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LT-40 07-23-2006 03:32 PM

JR XF631 = Spectrum DX6
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I was recently trying to purchase an XF631 radio from horizon but was disapointed to find that they had discontinued it. I called in and was still actually able to purchase one of the few they had left. But now that the new Spectrum DX6 has come out, I see what they really did with the XF631. If you look at pictures of both of them, they have the exact same case. It looks to me that they have just taken the XF631 and replaced the XF631 systems "guts" with the new DX6 "guts". After that all they had to do was stick on new stickers. Now all that I have said is based on MY observations and may or may not be fact. What do you think?

w.pasman 07-24-2006 07:46 AM

RE: JR XF631 = Spectrum DX6
Indeed they have the same case.
They even kept the X and the 6 in the name :D

Mac_Man_UK 07-24-2006 09:20 AM

RE: JR XF631 = Spectrum DX6
Actually you will find that the DX6 is based on the old XP662 which oddly enough shared a SIMILAR case design to the 642 & 652 plus others (eg Max66).

e-sailpilot86 07-28-2006 12:59 AM

RE: JR XF631 = Spectrum DX6
...And! :D If you go to ezone, they have a conversion setup for putting the Spektrum guts in the XF631, or something similar (not a JR guy), so you can get more functions than the spektrum can offer. :D

My .02

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