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Dave trimmer 08-02-2006 07:50 PM

I have just purchased a new antena due to snaping it at the air field. the guy gave me one but it is smaller in diameter (which i new when i bought it)and is only a couple of inches longer than the broken one is it ok to use or can i still use the broken one. also because the smaller one wont snap into place can i solder a washer to it in order to keep it in place?

Thanks, Dave Trimmer

Edit: Im talking about the tx.

JohnBuckner 08-03-2006 12:39 PM

RE: antenas
Bad ju, ju. do your airplane a favor and get the proper antenna. This is a loss just waiting to happen. Trying to solder on a chrome plated antenna is almost impossible to do, The base terminal connection is going to be sporadic at best, a smaller diameter antenna will be unsupported at the Tx outlet boss on top even handling very carefully. This will add to reliability problems at the bass connection.

Its probably true that the slight difference in length will not be a major tuning issue but will in fact affect the Tx tuning to an unknown degree.

Don,t do it, If someone who sold it to you suggested it would be alright, then in my opinion in the future I would not care to rely on anything this person had to say. The transmitter antenna is mechanically the most delicate link in the entire RF chain.

An example, a telecopic antenna that is not keep clean by regular cleanings of the fuel residue from our hands with only alcohol can and will result in reduced range over time. That oil and contaminants will increase resistance between the sliding sections.


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