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slicks 07-30-2005 11:23 AM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
yeah - the on-board cam is cool. I remember when Patrick Spears did that with a mini-z at Stampy's old shop - it was cool!! I am sure he still has all the stuff - just need for him to show up out there with a buggy etc...

Wow Christian - both clutches? was it the shoes or the springs or the bearings? I have been reading where the pro's change out their clutch bearings for each and every race because they fail so often. I am begining to wonder if changing out the bearings would help save the shoes and springs - or at least let them last longer. I know that Eddie has a problem with bearings on his clutch's too. I guess we should do some research and see what kind of bearings we all like and ask Stampy to stock them - he is usually pretty good about that kind of thing (i.e. the clutch shoes he is bringing in for us). I have been looking at the bearings that Avid sells and did by some bearings (Duratrax - teflon sealed) from Stampy for Amanda's buggy. The Duratrax bearings seem to be good - but she only ran them once so hard to tell how they will hold up. I like the bearings that Ofna sells - but they sure are expensive. I guess we need to do some experiments???

fourwheels0 07-30-2005 02:01 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
update i got all 3 diff's done 3-7-3. alot easier than i thought it would be. seems to handle better but that's in the driveway so i'm not sure. but i've got a new problem i messed up my back this morning so i won't be racing suday. i am PISSED these injuries have got to stop sometime right? but if i don't feel too bad i'll be out at waynes for a little while tomorrow. see ya[:@]

SManMTB 07-30-2005 02:25 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Nothing failed in the clutch itself. The clutch bell came loose and tore up the shoes. To bad because it was a good shoes. I never had bearing problems since I swapped out the stock metal shielded bearings. They are crap. I used the plastic shielded bearings and they were still good after at least 3 hours of runing. The shoes were also still good and they were the Trinity/K-Factory shoes Stampy will stock.

I got $60 worth of AVID bearings now. Both wheel and clutch bearings. Should last for a while.

I'm putting the oldest OS in the K3 with the MAC carb on it to see how it works. It has more than 4 gallons through it and it is in better shape than the never one with less fuel through it. The old one has been run way harder too :D. Usually around 255F or so. The never one I had runing at 220 - 230. Go figure.

The CA trick to take out slop in old suspension arms works but it's not as easy as I thought. I hope Stampy can stock some K&S Engineering brass tubing part no M32. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* ;)

slicks 07-30-2005 02:43 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Mike - sorry to hear about your back etc..... Hope to see you in action soon.

oh man - I wonder what bearings I put in our clutch(s).... I didn't use any of the metal shielded bearings on the diffs - but am using them on the wheels just to use them up and put them there because they are easy to get too. I do have some new bearings that I got at Stampy's (teflon seal) so when the wheel bearings are shot - I will have little to no down time. I planned on taking the engine's off our buggies sometime soon just to chech everything anyway - I will check the clutch bearings at that time.

I spoke with Scott just a little while ago and the plan is to race at Wayne's tomorrow (Sunday) - I guess folks will start getting there around 11:00ish - Not sure what time I'll get there - looks like I'll be picking up Matt - but not sure as to what time yet - so Matt if you are reading this - please give me a call here at home.

Now I have to go and glue tires [:@] I hate gluing tires.......... I only have one full set of foams for the stock kyosho tires - so I guess Amanda can use those and I'll use the Dirty Harry's I hope that they hook up ok.

Alpharaptor 07-30-2005 03:26 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Just gave ya a call, its now 4:23, I'll try again just before I leave for church. I might be going out to dinner afterwords so I may not be home till about 9pm, so whatever the plan is, just post it here. I'll prob have checked the forums twice tonight before I go to bed so I'll have you msg. Whatever you want to do is ok, we can meet up at 9, 10, 11...etc what ya want to do is [8D].

SManMTB 07-30-2005 04:49 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
The metal shielded worked fine for the wheels at least a couple of hundred laps, no need to panic Joel. :D

Thank you for the clutch shoes Kevin. I'll pay you tomorrow.

Big Stampy 07-30-2005 05:28 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Sorry to miss the fun tomorrow. I wanted to run at Wayne's but we are having Galen's friends over for a birthday party. I'll be there next time.

slicks 07-30-2005 09:53 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Matt - as we discussed -- I'll be there as close to 11:30 as I can - we don't get home from church until almost 10:30 - so it will be a rush to get there by 11:30.

Chris we have several of the metal shielded bearings (new) to go thru and when those are crunchy - I have a set of good bearings for back up (teflon seals) - so we are ok for a while. I was interested in how many laps you got on the stock bearings - sounds like they work for a total of a couple of hours of run time before they get crunchy. I am ready for it!

See y'all around noon tomorrow (Sunday).

SManMTB 07-30-2005 10:10 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Well I think I did something like 2000 laps at Scott's before the first major rebuild. :D

503 07-31-2005 01:31 AM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Mike take care of your self

Amanda see you Sunday with the Mayhem not the Kyosho, be ready - I set the buggy up diffrently and I hope it turns out the way I want it to. If not I will still make a excuse.[sm=RAINFRO.gif]

Wayne/Edie see you Sunday between 11:00-12:00.

Matt I look forward in seeing you again


dockman2 07-31-2005 01:54 AM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Chris- your welcome. Im glad I stock all these parts. They come in handy.

Joel- I wouldnt worry about bearings. Ive never had clutch bearings go bad. Usually if they go quick its from having the gear mesh to tight. As for those metal shielded bearings... when they get gritty dont throw them away. I will take them. 10 to 1 says I can get them back better than new. I learned a few tricks running pan cars. In fact metal shielded bearings are easier than the rubber/teflon sheilded.

503 07-31-2005 09:17 AM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Stampy tell little big man I said Birthady![sm=spinnyeyes.gif]

503 07-31-2005 09:23 AM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Stampy tell Little Big Man I said HappyBirthday![sm=spinnyeyes.gif]

Kevin I was on at 3:00am and who left a message after me was you , it would be nice if the time was accured. Seeyou at the track.


Big Stampy 07-31-2005 09:25 AM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Thanks Rodney

WatcherKid 07-31-2005 05:49 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Sorry I couldn't be there today.. I was out fishing.. I caught nothing.. How'd everyone finish?

slicks 07-31-2005 08:03 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Hey All

Steven -- we raced at Wayne's track today - I think it was Christian, Eddie, Amanda (1,2,3) in the main.

I had fun today - I can't believe how small the cars looked on the back stretch! Amanda said it was like watching a video of rc cars racing on a big screan tv :) - But a very cool track! I think we need more turn marshalls - the track covers so much area that it is difficult to do a good job of marshalling in some of the hot spot areas. But in time we should have that all worked out.

What is the top number of laps in a 5 minute race there does anyone know?

talk with y'all later

Alpharaptor 07-31-2005 08:29 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Nice day of racing all, the new track is great. I still have to master the large jump, (Didn't want to risk breakage!) but other than that by the end of today I felt pretty comfortable with it.

That new diff oil 5-7-3 made a huge handling difference...I still have some fine tuning to do, but so far im otherwise extreamely happy. With the exception of my glow plug burning out on the 4th lap of the A-main, today was one of the most trouble free days I've had.

Great driving all! [8D]

Edit: Thanks for the lift over there Mr. Spring!

fourwheels0 07-31-2005 09:07 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
slicks most laps for 5 min is 8 today. cris had 8 matt had 8 not sure but i think little stampy had 8 too. so it looks like once everybody get's a handle on the track it might be 9 or 10?. see ya.

WatcherKid 07-31-2005 09:11 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Good job, everyone. Yeah.. I heard that you were racing at Waynes... I've never seen the track.. It sounds like it's open.. and big.. meaning for some good speed.. and some good racing.. :)

Super_Dave 07-31-2005 11:50 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Yeah I got 8. I could have made 9 but after the 4 tanks through warm up the damage was done to my engine. I had explosive power on the first 3 tanks of fuel I ran in the beggining of the day overjumping anything without trying with that JP-2 pipe but on the 4th tank I felt things drop off a lot but i thought it was getting rich. 1st heat it ran ok for the first 3 laps but every single lap after the buggy kept losing more and more power i could barly make the big double while before i was clearing it by 6 or 7ft. 2nd heat just got even worse every lap to where i was casing the big double not matter what so i pulled off and saw the damage to the sleve. Everyone seemed to think it was fine.... but when you have lateral scratchs ALL the way up and down the piston and sleve its very obvious theres been a lot of metal ground away on it. It ran like a typical blown motor when it was cold it had as much power as it usually makes hot but when it gets hot there was nothing there unless it had 200ft to get up to rpm. We have to make sure no one runs the stock kyosho filter because everyone who ran one there had the same problem. Everyone else seemed to catch it before they blew up there motors though.

Chris was doing very well on Waynes and I couldn't shake Amanda for a while. Amanda is just getting to damn fast :). The more people there are to race close with the more fun the racing gets.

slicks 08-01-2005 06:44 AM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
I wasn't too happy with the stock kyosho foam filter either -- it seemed to buldge out way too much -- that is why I put the pre-filter on ours - seemed to help. But I took a hint from Scott and put the ofna foam filters on both buggies and they seem to fit much better - again I put the pre-filter on too. I didn't get a chance to work on the buggies last night (cleaning - all the after race stuff I do) so I didn't look at that filters to see how they held up - will do so tonight.

OK - thanks for the lap counts......... I think that Amanda had an 8 lap race too! I think my best was 7 laps not too bad for an old fart like me :D. I need to get some tire foams so I can glue up those kyosho stock tires..........did I tell you that I hate to glue tires[:@]?

Mike I forgot to ask you how you liked the 3-7-3 diff oil combo? Hope that your back is doing better soon.

Kevin - I have one of those RPM bearing blasters - it is in with all of my Losi stuff - I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it -- I'll have to dig that bad boy out and put it to use when the time comes.

I really like the difference in the two tracks -- Wayne's is for the most part wide-open and very loose and Scotts is (again for the most part) tight and hard packed. I think that racing at both places is really going to provide us all the opportunity to improve ---------- LOOK OUT AMHERST COUNTY!!! We need to keep a look for when the next race there is going to be - I would really like to race there again.

Dave - for only her 2nd race with the 777 Manders has really come alive -- her driving style yesterday got very aggresive and the buggy really responded well to it.

Rodney -- I hate to break this to you - but a $300 radio just isn't gonig to beat Amanda!!!!

Big Stampy 08-01-2005 01:23 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
We now have K&S brass tubing, aluminum rods and tubing and music wire. Several of you had asked for it and now we have it. [8D]

SManMTB 08-01-2005 01:31 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread

SManMTB 08-01-2005 05:31 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Looked like some dust went past the OS filter in mine but I tore it down and it looks good. Besides that I might have found one of the tuning problems I had (have) with the MAC. The OS #8 plug is too short.

<---- Dumbass [:o]

503 08-01-2005 08:59 PM

RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread
Matt dont worry about the big jump, it gives you more time to controle your buggy. You see how hard I hit tem big jump and land on all 4, I wish I could stay on the rest of the track the same way I can take the big jumps. Try it and you wont give it up ask Eddie.

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