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Whats the range of the Rs4-3

Old 12-05-2003, 12:40 AM
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Default Whats the range of the Rs4-3

I have an RS4-3 with a stock radio, the airtronics tx-2, it seems like a good radio I guess. I have NIMH batteries to power the car reciever and radio, each battery has over 2100mah. Anyway, I was wondering the range of my car before it runs away. Can the car go over 500 feet range wise? I need to know this becasue I wan to satrt out just about 500 feet away from me, and then floor it until it passes me by another 500 feet. For real I need help on this, if you do not know the answer, please do not comment.
thank you
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Default RE: Whats the range of the Rs4-3

Easiest way to find out exactly how far your car can go before it glitches is to put your car on a stand so that the wheels aren't contacting the ground. Then with the car and radio turned on, walk away from the car until the car starts to glitch. [8D]
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Default RE: Whats the range of the Rs4-3

youll be walkin kinna far if you do it that way. what i do is if i can drive it far enough till i cant see it and doesnt glitch its good to me. i think the range is about 200+ ft to 300
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Default RE: Whats the range of the Rs4-3

Most radio systems are line of sight, but some radios may be more or less, your environment has a tremendous effect on how your radio acts. In most cases it is not a problem, but if you are going to the extremes it is always a good idea to check before doing so.
As well a good fail safe product would be wise.

I never test my car radios (land frequencies) becuase I never really put the range to the test by driving far away. I run PCM so it has never been an issue if I was getting stepped on or whatever.
With the plane frequencies (Air Frequencies) a Range check is common place. Walking 500 feet away will do nothing but give you extra exercise, which is good but does nothing for your model. Unless of course you have someone standing beside it while you walk away with the radio. From 500 feet you wont have a clue if your car is glitching or not because you wont be able to see it.

What we do with the planes is walk about 50Ft (I'm Lazy) with the ant. down and do a range check that way.

The bottom line is that if you can't see it good you have probably gone to far, at high speeds it is possible to loose the car, however most radios will exhibit a conditon of intermittant response or latency when the signal starts to fade, that has been my experience in the past. I have yet to see one take off because it was out of range, I am not saying it wont happen just that I have not seen it.
I would think that it would be so far away that you basically wont be able to see it to control it before it was out of range. Keep in mind however that there could be things at the other end of the parking lot that could step on your frequency.

I should also mention that running your engine at top speed like that for long periods will reduce the life significantly, if you are maintaining a decent temp you might be o.k, but from my experience prolonged extended full throttle runs like that heat up the engine really bad.

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Default RE: Whats the range of the Rs4-3

That's about how far I have to run my cars. I have a deserted section of a closed down Air Force base, w/ close to 1,000' of cleaned off concrete. Sometimes, I get "funny" reactions from a car when it gets "out there". If I change the orientation of the Tx. antenna I can get it right back though. I go for "hammer runs" all the time, with the throttle wide open for prob. 5-10 seconds, depending on how fast the car is of course. You have to be sure it's a little rich (just ever so slightly) but "extended" w.o.t. shouldn't hurt it, unless it's too lean, or you're under-geared, and you're winding the bejeebers out of 'er...I have all my cars set up w/ tall gearing, except the Fusion, which is already good for 70+ (that sucker's wicked cool man!) but I recently bought the even taller triple pinion for it, heh heh heh... On the range thing...If you can get a friend to stand by the car (behind it, w/ car between you and friend) and do a range check. Maybe get in your car and drive away for the distance required, and check operation, then start to collapse the ant. 1 section at a time. If you can maintain that range w/ a section or 2 or 3? collapsed, then you should have some reserve range. I'm no radio expert but that procedure should work. Or at least sounds good , doesn't it? I mean what the heck, give it a shot...

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