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t8jones 09-21-2019 05:19 PM

Car Lower chassis identification

t8jones 09-23-2019 08:20 AM

Ok, I figured it out. Its an old Duratrax Street Force GP. (not GP2). Now, I have searched for information on these cars but not having much luck since they are long discontinued. I got it for free and just want to get it running (and introduce my son to RC cars). Does anyone know if any other manufacturers parts will fit this?

D3MON 09-25-2019 07:49 AM

back in the street force day, not many companies really used each others parts. that said some might coincidentally fit from similar cars.
Have you downloaded the exploded view of the car? can get it from duratrax.com, try searching for parts by part number in the google bar. ususally find something that way. from time to time while searching for parts for my Nitro Evader i see parts for the street force on ebay. they were great cars.

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