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bigdaddyort 02-21-2021 01:19 PM

Tamiya Nitro Force - worth fixing up?
HI All

A buddy gave me two nitro cars - one I cant identify, purple base with a colt engine - looks like a road car and the other is a tamya nitro force, Front end got beat up. I just started getting into nitro (do all other RC electrics).

Is the nitro force worth restoring or better off selling to a collector that could get the parts eaiser than myself. I picked up the latest model of the revo 3.3 so getting my teeth sharpened on that one.

Any advise on parts availability or worth would be appreciated.


bigdaddyort 03-02-2021 07:30 AM

anyone know of an active forum for vintage Tamiya nitro cars?


gdourado 08-06-2022 10:36 PM


try the Tamiya club forum section.
it features quite a few restoration threads.


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