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Nitroaddict 11-19-2003 11:01 AM

Its Hear! The New Serpent 710!!!
From Serpent USA, RCCA, RCZ, and mtsn.com

All-new Serpent 710 Nitro Touring Car



Many racers have awaited Serpent’s new contender for the nitro touring class for some time, and now it's upon us - the all-new S-710. The S-710 is scheduled to be available in early December but Serpent has decided to reveal the new 710 to show some of the unique features of this brand new car.

The S-710 is a complete new platform. The design team felt that the Impulse/705 platform was already stretched to the limit performance wise, and that they had to start with a clean sheet of paper. And that’s exactly what they have done. The S-710 has been under development for over 2 years now, resulting in a highly advanced top level racing car loaded with well tested innovative technical features.


New features (front)
Some of the features of the new 710:
- quick change system for front transmission; you can change from front shaft, to differential or solid axles in a few minutes only
- front blocks with integrated belt-tension adjusters (eccentric)
- same length wheel-axles and drive-shafts front and rear
- re-inforced, long wishbones
- center shaft servo-saver system with adjustable spring-tension and Ackermann
- integrated mounting position for personal transponder
- adjustable steel track-rod


New features (rear)
- new geometry up-rights with high upper mounting position; adjustable camber and toe-in
- re-active rear suspension
- re-inforced, long wishbones; lower rear suspension arms with 2 mounting postions for the anti-roll bar and shocks
- adjustable rear ball-differential with easy external diff-adjustment
- quick change system for rear transmission; you can change from differential (standard) to solid axle in a few minutes
- rear blocks with integrated belt-tension-adjusters (eccentric)
- easy to use adjustable roll-center through nylon pivot inserts
- same length wheel-axles and drive-shafts front and rear
- rear right bracket with new brake-position, creating better cooling
- disk-brake with steel disk and plates and excellent friction brake-material; cam-operated with auto-return spring-system
- carbon fibre upper rear plate


New features (centre section)
- carbon fibre side-plates with integrated ball-raced belt-tensioner
- lower engine mounting position
- side-mounted receiver position with protection case
- 75ccm fueltank with integrated filter, AFL-fuelcap and with special shape for low CG and rubber-mounted
- battery-pack mounted below fueltank, easy access through chassis-plate (battery not included)

See it here: http://www.mytsn.com/products/desc.asp?prid=3293

dg2b 11-19-2003 01:40 PM

RE: Its Hear! The New Serpent 710!!!
I am not a Serpent follower (because of their prior part support issue in my area) but it seems that they made a good leap with the 710. One of my LHS starting to carry Serpent; should be good for me. I wonder if any of the parts in the 710 are interchangable with the 705. That would help a lot. Good to see that the top cars now are back to the laydown steering servo design. I think this is more solid that the top down design where the servo sits on the top plate. The integrated front belt tensioner is a nice addition too.

I'd like to give the snake another try someday and the 710 might be a good reason to do just that.

Nitroaddict 11-19-2003 01:45 PM

RE: Its Hear! The New Serpent 710!!!
dg2b, i can understand how it may be hard with little or no local support. The are i live in has more ROAR members, and more tracks than anywhere else in the country, so we have it pretty good.

The laydown servo is nice regarding CG, but i am still a proponent of the std upside down servo. I really like the direct linkage setup instead of having to go through a bellcrank for my steering. I have found that the bellcrank setup always allows more slop in the steering, creating more bumpsteer and less stability in the straights. This was everpresent in the NTC3's I was racing last year. Hopefully, Serpent will reduce this problem.

dg2b 11-19-2003 03:09 PM

RE: Its Hear! The New Serpent 710!!!
That correct about the laydown design having a slop on the steering. My understanding is that the benifit of a lay dows servo design is a stronger steering even with an only-above standard servo because of the fulcrum/pendulium effect. Is there an estimated street price yet for this?

Thanks for posting the pics and any info you can share.

Nitroaddict 11-19-2003 03:30 PM

RE: Its Hear! The New Serpent 710!!!
no price yet. But here is some more press.

Testing the pre production 710 :

By: Rob Kuijper (NL)

The first run out was with a set of brand new Ellegi 40 shore tires all round and a fresh 2106 engine just run in at the bench, I was told by Rene to take it a little easy in the beginning to get used to the car and also to get the tires and the engine bed in some more.
The car gave me a good feeling right away only it was totally different from the 1/8th scale 950 that i normally run, after about 5 minutes of driving the car smoothly around the still a bit dusty track, Rene called me in to adjust the engine a bit leaner and this came as a gift for me because the car felt it could handle the power with ease.
This is the result of several hours of driving the 710 without cleaning !

After refueling and adjustment on the main needle of the engine, the car was put back into the track and when i pushed my throttle stick forward the car shot off out of the pit lane into the fast sweeper which goes onto the straight. The car felt that good that i could take the sweeper already in second gear and it felt like it had even more steering left to go even quicker through it ! The speed on the straight was amazing and the car kept on increasing its speed all the way to the end of the straight. Then into the hairpin and braking hard steering into it the car followed a tight line with ease and the cornering speed was kept even in this tight section of the track. Then the Mickey mouse section came up and the car handled brilliantly through that before i knew it i was on the back straight rocketing towards the omega corner which is normally quite difficult to do in one smooth line but it Stayed on the inside and i could get back onto the power very soon. coming into the hairpin in front of the rostrum i backed off the throttle and just steered into it and the car again followed the initial line without running too wide ! after this lap i felt so comfortable with the 710 that i tried too push the car even more without getting messy and the car just did it lap after lap !
The chassis has scratch marks because of running out of tires, the car still drove very good on very small tires !

The tires now were at an perfect size and the lap times showed a very consistent string of quick times, witch to me were just like it was going too easy, but most of the time when you are smooth your times are quicker than when you have sideways moments, so this smooth feeling was very pleasant to me.

When driving the 710 witch had the basic set-up, it felt like the car had a large sweet-spot in the corners and you could position the car with the amount of power you give to it, this feeling i never had with a 200mm touring car and i thought it could not be possible with a 200mm but now i know that this feel is not only when you drive a 1/8th scale car but also with a 710 ! By the way the car is very fast out of the corners because of the very low rotating mass, and extremely smooth drive train.

Rene made several adjustments to the car in the runs later in the day and i have to say that the car responded very well to it, when we drove to the track he told me several set-up possibility's and the reactions the car would have on them. He adjusted the car without me knowing what he did and let me drive it, than he said what he had changed on it and amazingly enough it worked out just like he told me before !

One of the nicest things we tried was making the front axle solid, he did it while i was getting some coffee from the canteen and when i came back he had the car ready to try within a few minutes, this is a really cool feature on this car. When i drove off with the car it felt not so much different than before until i came at the end of the straight when i applied the brakes the car slowed down in an abnormal way ! clipping the apex way too soon , WOW ! How late can i brake with this car ??? well at some point i started to over do it and it ran into the dust on the outside of the corner, ok that is a little too late but what a thrill ! The car was in general a little slower on the lap times but still very consistent, i think on a tight technical track it would work great, and you can change it back so easy, seeing is believing.

All in all it was a great experience and i feel proud to be part of the oportunity to run with the car in the pre production stage, and i almost cannot wait to build an drive my own 710 ! Let the summer begin !!!



this article reproduced from Serpent Motorsports

dg2b 11-19-2003 03:53 PM

RE: Its Hear! The New Serpent 710!!!
Thanks for the article.

What benifit does a solid front gives. I would think the cons are understeer and little bit of hops into the corner.

Nitroaddict 11-19-2003 03:59 PM

RE: Its Hear! The New Serpent 710!!!
i think that a solid front diff gives you the on power performance coming out of a turn like a one way, but still allows for front wheel breaking, unlike a one way, since it is not free wheeling, but im not sure. The downside of course, would be an increase in steering radius.

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