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i-sobot mods

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Default i-sobot mods

hey guys. i recently got a i-sobot on trade. i got it without any manual, just the bot and the controller. i popped in some disposable batteries and it powered up then shut down. after a bit of reading online i discovered that disposable batteries can fry it because of the higher voltage. after a bit more reading i found out that it is supposed to run at 3.6volts. seeing as i didnt have any rechargeable AAA batteries, i started looking for an alternative source of power. upon digging through my box of junk i found a old psp fat model battery. the voltage is 3.6volts and on a positive note its 1800mah. so after doing some more reading i discovered that the average mah for the i-sobot is 800. right now im going to assume that i should get a run time of nearly an hour if not more. so heres the process of modding it to use the psp battery. its still under construction but its coming along nicely.

step 1) i removed the battery cover from the bot, and then removed the 2 screws holding the battery tray in place. with the screw out you have to lift the bottom edge outwards toawrds you and slide it down slightly to release the 2 angles clips from the top side. once it is free the tray will "hinge" to your left as this is where the power wires lead into the chest.

step 2) cut the wires off close to the battery tray to allow as much of the wires that lead to the battery plug on the main board.

step 3) remove the screws holding the back plate in place. once the back plate is removed, unplug the power lead from the board, along with the speaker wires, and the mic wires. note which locations these were in. with these wires removed gently lift the board out of place. it will simply slide up off of the 4 plastic post at the corners. the rest of the connection in here are just pins that slide into sockets inside the robot. with the circuit board removed, gently pull the power wires out through the back of the robot. these may require a little patients to get out but they will slide right through.

step 4) i drilled a small hole through the inside of the area below the circuit board, it was at the top right side in this area. the hole was just large enough for the power wires to slide through. i did ths rather than routing them in there normal location to give enough of the wires to make for ease of working with them from the front. once the wires are slid through, you can now re-install the circuit board into the robot and re connect the power, mic, and speaker plugs. now place the back plate back on and screw it in place.

step 5) i now opened up the psp's battery using a small flat head screw driver and pressing firmly along the edges of the battery along the seam. you should hear a slight popping noise as the seam is breaking apart. once you go all around the edge you should be able to crack open the outer plastic casing for the battery. inside you will see a circuit board, and the battery cell itself. remove both of these from the plastic case by gently pulling them out. there should be a small amount of glue holding it to the lower half of the case. you will now want to lift the circuit board up and off of the battery cell. as you do let the board pivot on the metal contacts at the bottom of the cell. once it is apart simply cut the 2 terminal in half. note the positive and negative terminals. they should be labeled on both the battery cell itself, and also in fine print on the circuit board. with these seperated from each other use red and black wire and solder a piece of red to both positive terminals, and a piece of black to both negative terminals. you should now have a cell with a positive and negative wires, and also a circuit board with positive and negative wires. the purpose of soldering wires onto the circuit board are to allow you to charge the battery using the stock psp battery charger. the next step is adding a male plug to the battery cell, and a female plug to both the circuit board, and also the power leads on the robot making sure they are connected using the proper polarity. now cut a piece of foam or anything you have handy so that it is the thickness of the battery cell. place this piece into the lower half of the battery case. now place the circuit board on top of it, and then put the top half of the battery case onto it. (note: you may need to notch out an area on the top half of the battery case for the wires to stick out of). now to charge the battery you simply place the battery case into the charger and attach the battery plug to the plug on the battery case.

step 6) i used some adhesive velcro strips to attach the battery cell to the inside of the i-sobots battery cover. this keeps it in place very nicely, and all you need to do to power up the i-sobot is connect the battery plug to the plug on the robot, and screw the battery case back onto the i-sobot.

**the unfinished portion of this project for me is simply getting the needed plugs. i should be getting them within the week. once i have them and instal them i will get some pictures of the mod for you guys that are interested. by then i should hopefully have some custom paint done to the i-sobot aswell. thanks for reading guys and i hope you find this information useful. feel free to list any mods that you have done here aswell.

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