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Finally got the Tamiya !

Old 10-22-2005, 05:50 AM
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Default Finally got the Tamiya !

Hi everyone !

I have been thinking for a long time if i shouldn't get a electric car, to have some fun with when i cant for some reason use my big scale monsters.

First i was thinking about a very small 1/18 TLT-1 or something else easy and cheap. I don't really want another monster truck.... but i like monster trucks, so that is no main concern for me [sm=confused.gif]

Finally i decided to get myself a Tamiya TXT-1 because i just love how it's built, and looked very promising in the pictures etc.

Then i got it home, and was a little surprised about the weight, and a little bigger then i imagine it would be. Started building it last thursday night, and was done friday night the day after... as it have been over 13years since i built a kit so this was a real treat for me i enjoyed every second of it [sm=thumbup.gif]
Then it was done, looked good and a little big for a 1/10 but for me a perfect little scale for once, that i can use even indoor.
Put one high torque normal sized servos in front.... then i just had to do the same in the back, worked nice with the new LRP Automatic Pro Reverse AI ESC i bought (thought of Novak or M-Tronic first, but had to wait to long and i wanted to try it ASAP) Before i started using the truck i made some working extra lights for night driving. First time i took it out it was 0:30 and a little frost on the grass in the backyard, woooooow this truck was amazing in every way, and with those lights going up in the air when climbing from a hole etc, all in all...was a really perfect moment... and i could have kept on whole night
Have to add that i was planning to run it with one of my Futaba 3pk hrs systems, but that didnt work, so i borrowed a old graupner stick radio my brother got from me a long time ago to get him started, now he have a nice computer stick radio and dont use thist graupner oldie any more, so i borrowed it.

Then after a day or so i decided to clean up the cable's and make it look nice, i did that and when i was going to try it the cables started melting and both the expensive servos where toast, and all due to the old graupner/jr rx i had borrowed from my brother decided to give up and short out. And believe me, all my cables where fine, and the rx had not any moisture in it since the night run, just some really bad luck there []
So i had two almost unused multiplex rhino digi4 (they are quite big) and i was a little skeptic on how to make them fit, but they did finally after a little adjusting, bought a nice new stick radio Fautaba 6exa something (just love stick radio with 4ws), and put all new wires in and a separate rx battery pack that also runs the lights with switches. So now i have a real strong 4ws with a cool ESC and a real good setup... btw, i have made a nice skidplate for the center gearbox... i thought after looking at it that it was necessary to do before i do any real climbing with it.

So far my truck is stock.... but not for long i guess
LRP Automatic Pro Reverse AI
Sanyo 3600mah for rx and lights
3 Drive packs 3000mah
Will glue the tires tonight

There's so much stuff i want for this truck, but for now in stock it is a real treat to drive. I'm real happy that i decided to get this one, and i will modify it, but i don't want to destroy the scale like looks.... am planning on not so wide tires and make it look more like a jeep/pickup with some beefy tires, but not monster truck tires. Don't know if i want to lock my diffs, i think that i would like to have them as is... or a little stiffer, but not locked i think.

Any suggestions on upgrades, and in any particular order to get them ?

Was thinking two high torque engines, with a 9tooth on each, and thicker drive axles maybe... those Punisher Shaft looks nice
Is there metal gears for the center gearbox ?

Old 11-24-2005, 08:48 PM
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Default RE: Finally got the Tamiya !

Old 11-27-2005, 03:13 AM
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Default RE: Finally got the Tamiya !

so the txt is good i am the same situation i carnt pick between the super clod txt or e-zilla could someone g=make my mind up for me i want more of a basher i dont have any good rocky places near where i live
Old 11-27-2005, 03:34 AM
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Default RE: Finally got the Tamiya !

them get the e-zilla
Old 11-29-2005, 09:08 PM
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Default RE: Finally got the Tamiya !

well the super clods a really fun one from what ive heard and the e zilla theres not really upgrades yet i dont think and theres also durability isues.the txt is fun to but its not really a basher.
Old 11-29-2005, 09:10 PM
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Default RE: Finally got the Tamiya !

well i think there might be durability isuse im not the smart one so....

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