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fourwheels0 03-24-2015 10:01 AM

waterproofing your crawler?
i'd like to see and hear what everyone is doing to waterproof your crawlers.
I've got mine tore down and want to waterproof it before I put it back together.

Mike Flea 03-24-2015 04:44 PM

Check out YouTube, "Waterproofing your RC" there's a bunch of info there. Myself personally, I use liquid electrical tape, basically Plasti-Dip. I get it from Home depot, in the electrical dept. It has a brush-in-cap, so it makes it easy to apply. I brush it around the seams of the box for the rx, servo, and around the wires on the esc, but you might find better info on some of the videos, or check around on some of the other RC forums. Some guys just dip the whole esc in plasti-dip, others put the esc & rx in a balloon to keep it dry.

RustedRC 03-24-2015 05:18 PM

I also use plasti-dip for water resisting my rc's and dielectric grease in the servo before it gets dipped, and marine grease in all the gears and bearings. but like mike flea said you tube some good tuts on there dj medic has a really good one. that's the one i used for info on water (proofing).

fourwheels0 03-24-2015 06:34 PM

yup I used the liquid electrical tape on the receiver box and esc.
I still need to do the servo.

Mike Flea 03-25-2015 03:47 PM

Like Rusted said, DJMedic, RC ADVENTURES,( I use it too and keep it in my favorites file), has a real good one on waterproofing, dielectric grease around the top of the servo, under the servo horn, under the top cover will seal it up.

fourwheels0 03-26-2015 05:48 PM

ok thanks.

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