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ShopTech 03-28-2019 06:32 PM

1/24 Scale ECX Barrage Belt Drive Mod

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This is a belt drive mod for the 1/24 scale ECX barrage. The stock truck lacks the torque and low speed control to crawl. The stock gear ratio is 5:1, this mod will make it 10:1. Besides the 3D printed parts you will need a few #12 rubber bands and two bearings that have an OD of 8mm an ID of 3mm and a thickness of 4mm. This does not require any permanent mods to the truck.

Feel free to modify the design.

SyCo_VeNoM 03-29-2019 10:51 AM

won't lie it is an interesting way to do it

Potentially you could make it more compact if you switch to gears, but I know on FDM 3d printers they are not the easiest thing to print you would almost need an SLA to do so with any degree of accuracy.
If it took a standard 540 can I would say HPI has a part that does exactly what you did, but I highly doubt it would fit in your rig.

You actually might want to switch to belts instead of rubber bands as after awhile the rubber bands will start to slip as they will stretch out where the belts would last longer.

ShopTech 03-29-2019 06:44 PM

If I make another version I plan on using miniature timing belts.

I think I would be able to print 32 pitch gears but I don't think that would save anything on size. It actually could end up larger because you would have to move the motor.

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