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captpjb 11-20-2003 01:30 PM

Seawind or Laser for recreational fun
Have talked myself into moving up from considering the Vitoria, Nirvana type boat to spending a little more. The Kyosho Seawind and RC Laser come out about the same mid $400's and appear to be well respected boats.I and was wondering if there are any opinions on the relative merits of each boat. This would be my first RC boat and it would be used for non competitive relaxing sailing. Any other suggestioins of boat would be appreciated. I am looking for a quality boat that does not need to be rebuilt because of weak servo's etc.

The way I see it the Seawind is a beatiful looking craft but has to be built from a kit. The Laser can be purchased ready to go and although not as good looking, at least from photo's has the KISS advantage in that it is a simple boat with no standing rigging, single sail etc and consequently very lttle to go wrong

Thanks in advance

Bill McW 11-21-2003 08:28 AM

RE: Seawind or Laser for recreational fun
I have a Seawind.
If I were going to get another boat it would be the Laser.
The Seawind's quality depends on the builder and materials (electronics) used.
The Seawind is a more adjustable boat, but it is difficult to transport.
If you have a small car, go for the Laser.
I have a larger car and my setup before sailing still takes 10 minutes.
The Laser sets up instantly. And, the Laser can be sailed in higher winds. That alone gives the owner more days to sail.
The Seawind, however, looks better on display.


GRANT ED 11-23-2003 01:13 AM

RE: Seawind or Laser for recreational fun


I have a larger car and my setup before sailing still takes 10 minutes.

I have one of these boats and if it takes more than 5 minutes from starting rigging to sailing then something is wrong.
All you have to do to rig the boat is connect a few snap clips.

Bill McW 11-23-2003 01:23 PM

RE: Seawind or Laser for recreational fun
Nothing is wrong with my Seawind.
It is a beautiful boat and it sails quite well.
You are just faster at assembly than I am.


RobStagis 11-28-2003 01:15 PM

RE: Seawind or Laser for recreational fun
The Seawind is a rocket. Loads of fun, fast, responsive and exciting. I don't know which one I'd choose, having sailed both. If I was travelling a lot, I'd probably go with the Laser, simply cuz it's more robust, but it's a toss-up. They'll both please you...

WindWarrior6682 11-28-2003 03:18 PM

RE: Seawind or Laser for recreational fun
If you are going to spend that type of money, you should look at the Tamiya Yamaha Whitbead racer. It a little bigger, at 985mm, just sly of the 1 meter lenght. The boat can be assemble in less the 3 hours. More time is you are going to do a fancy paint job. The Tamiya is an easy and fast boat. The deck is very realist with radar mast. You can purchase the optioanl crew figures for the extra kewl look of reslisim. You can see lots of closeup photos on the yahoo group site photo album. You can purchase the the boat on line at www.modelexpo-online.com. Just drill down to the RC boats and then to Tamiya.

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