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wayne d 07-31-2013 07:26 PM

Scratch built Polish Tug "Klimek"
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Here we go again.:D

This will be a build for a scratch build Klimek Tugboat. I have built several other scratch built boats and all turned out pretty good.
Now I'm wanting to build a Tug. I searched around the net and located a high res JEPG of the Klimek. I then took that copy and blew it up 265% in paint. I then took it to the local print shop and printed off three copies. One to cut up, One for the actually build and one to keep handy, never know when I may need it.
First I started out by cutting all the formers and keel out of the plans.
Using spray glue I positioned all the formers on 1/4 inch birch ply.
The keel was made from Poplar wood and is 3/8 inch thick.
After all the formers and keel were cut I started laying it all out adjusting the slots as I went along so that everything fit the way I think it should.
The keel was drilled for the stuffing box and the rudder post.
Then everything was tacked glued in place.
Two 1/4 square balsa sticks were used for the tops on the formers inside and out.
A top deck was cut but won't be attached until the hull is planked and the inside glassed.
All this took about 5 hours and $20 dollars for wood so far.
Deciding what material to plank the hull with and leaning towards 1/8x1/4 balsa.
That's all for now. I'll post as many pictures as I can along the way.
Almost forgot. At the scale I'm using it worked out to be 1/20 scale with a hull length of 32 inches.

wayne d 07-31-2013 07:28 PM

RE: Scratch built Polish Tug
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Here is the only photos I could find of this boat.

wayne d 07-31-2013 07:31 PM

RE: Scratch built Polish Tug
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My planking arrived today and I set about planking the hull. This is a pain and its going to take a while.[:@]
So far I've managed two planks on each side.

wayne d 07-31-2013 07:37 PM

RE: Scratch built Polish Tug
I have finally found a couple of photos of the Tug.(See Above) Same as I'm building but with a different name.
There is also a bunch of other photos of a model going together.
here is the website if anybody is interested.


rblubaugh 08-01-2013 07:25 AM

RE: Scratch built Polish Tug
<font size="3">Wayne,

Glad to see you are back building again, have missed you.  Surprised you are not building  sister tug for your daughter?

I looked at the website you suggested, interesting build photos besides then photos of the real boat.  Plenty of subject matter there to help/guide you on your build.  All the detail you might want.

Your build looks really nice so far; I'll be following it as you go along.

Bob</font><br type="_moz"/>

foodstick 08-01-2013 09:49 AM

RE: Scratch built Polish Tug
I am so glad you are posting this ! I admit my dedication to finishing my boat project has been weak lately ! But I always like seeing pictures of other peoples projects..

wayne d 08-01-2013 10:27 AM

RE: Scratch built Polish Tug
Good to be back.

wayne d 08-01-2013 02:15 PM

RE: Scratch built Polish Tug
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Planking done for the day.
Did I mention I dislike planking.[:'(]

wayne d 08-06-2013 09:54 PM

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Lets see if I can get caught up here.
The hull has been planked
Didn't have a picture of it completely planked.

Once the hull was planked and sanded I put my first mate to work.
First we took spackle and covered the entire hull

Then she, for the most part sanded it all off.

Until we ended up with a nice smooth hull.


And today I glassed it using 1.5 oz cloth and epoxy resin from US Composites.

So now we are caught up. I'll let it sit for a day or two to fully cure and then glass the keel.

jbdismukes 08-07-2013 04:00 AM

As a boat-building eewbie, I am impressed and look forward to following your progress; I learn so much from following the build threads. I've built and flown rc airplane kits since I retired. The limited work area in my storeroom/shop has been my excuse for sticking to ARF's rather than stick-builts. So far, I've built two boat kits. First was a single planked canoe which demonstrated the results of impatience.. Now I've completed a double-planked 1930 Dodge split-cockpit runabout kit which turned out much better and significantly expanded my knowledge. Both efforts have contributed to my envy of your first mate; my oldest grandson is into computers and my twin grandsons are at the age they want to "play" with the finished product, at least for a while. My next project will be a sailboat which will, eventually, teach me how to sail ;)

Please keep up the good work and I'll just watch over your shoulder and try to stay out of the way.


wayne d 08-07-2013 11:06 AM

Hey Jack
i just got into boating a couple of years ago after scale planes for 30 odd years. Great your looking in. Feel free to ask any questions you want, if I don't have the answers somebody will pipe in.

rblubaugh 08-12-2013 07:27 AM


For some reason I wasn't receiving any updates from your build so I came looking. Glad I did as now I'm caught up on your progress.
;) It's looking really good. Nice to have a 'First Mate' who's willing to help out. :cool:


wayne d 08-12-2013 12:35 PM

Hey Bob
Hope all is well.
I think RCU still has some bugs, I'm not getting my update either.

rblubaugh 08-13-2013 06:44 AM

Good Morning Wayne,

This is the second try first being about two hours+ ago. Was going along fine until I tried to use a 'Smiley', then it froze up! Any way, I was saying I do notice some improvements on the site but they still need work. :(

Was that a "new" Lobster Boat I saw in the corner of one of the pictures? It appeared Pink. The ones I know you have are Blue, "Linda 'J'" and Yellow, "Capt Morgan". Maybe it's just a re-paint on 'Linda J.' since I didn't see any name on the stern?

I'll be watching the rest of your build with extreme interest. The only tug I have is the RTR Atlantic Tug. It's nice but not the same as building one.

I'm currently working on getting a Dumas Dauntless into the water. She weights almost 25 pounds and the pond where I will be running her has a relatively steep bank so now I'm working on a trailer to both launch and retrieve her. Another Dauntless owner built one a couple years ago so mine's modeled after his with a few personal modifications. Haven't posted any of the pics yet but will be doing so when I'm closer to the end of construction.


wayne d 08-13-2013 07:27 AM

Hey Bob
the motor gave up in my daughters blue boat. Not sure why but its gone. While I had the boat apart to replace it my daughter tells me that she no longer likes the blue. Imagine that!
so I ask her what color would you like. She said pink. I said PINK! Are you kidding? No kidding on her part, so off to the paint shop is goes.
Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

rblubaugh 08-13-2013 09:05 AM


wayne d 08-13-2013 10:30 AM

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Got the hull all primed and feel pretty good about it.
Also finished glassing the inside, so its as waterproof as I can make it.

Now here is the thing that's been bugging me. The rudder. I like to have it serviceable. In other words, I want to be able to remove it before painting and not build it in place so I have to work around it. So I modified the Keel just a little.
Not exactly scale, but I'm good with it.


wayne d 08-13-2013 10:50 AM

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Last but not least, I traced all the cabin patterns onto 1/8 AC ply. When I get over to my shop I'll cut those out and start framing the cabin up.

rblubaugh 08-13-2013 02:32 PM


Wish I'd known about your concern over the rudder. Attached, I hope, is another way to do just what you want, a removable rudder, but you could have used the existing keel frame. When (if) you receive this, make reference to point number "34. Make the rudder post . . .". Keep this on file for future reference.


Well, no luck on file attachment. Max file size is 19.5K and the .doc file is 2 Meg! I doubt seriously if it can be zipped to 19K. Bummer.

wayne d 08-13-2013 02:46 PM

Hey Bob
got the email, I'll take a look.
btw, I use a free program called photo razor to reduce pictures sizes. Works like a charm on one or a batch of pics. It also keeps the original pic.

wayne d 08-13-2013 10:35 PM

Ordered the ply I needed to finish the hull along with the motor, stuffing box, coupler, and prop. Now I just have to wait for those items to arrive.

rblubaugh 08-14-2013 05:04 AM

Hurry up and wait, sounds familiar? Oh yeah, that's what they always said in the Navy.

wayne d 08-14-2013 01:43 PM

Here is a question for you guys. The half round rub rail that goes around the hull, what do you guys use?

Hydro Junkie 08-14-2013 06:12 PM

You can buy premade half-round material or make it from the appropriate sized dowelling yourself. I'll have to do some checking into sources on where to buy premade from as it's been a while since I looked for some

wayne d 08-14-2013 07:09 PM

Thank Hydro
Any info you can provide would be helpful.

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