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Corona virus

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Michigan has extended the stay at home order until May 28th. Of course, I've gone to work every day since it all started, so I'm way better off than some. They say I'd make more if I sat home on unemployment ($969 a week) but that's not how I was raised. When I was a kid, being on any kind of government assistance, even unemployment, was something to be ashamed of. I guess that really took root.
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I have also been still employed the hole time and filed for unemployment only once and was turned down was still collecting $400.00 a week then from letting people in to collect items from property after closer .
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New Hampshire extended the stay at home until end of May, my wife and I are working normal hours from home as are many of the "office" employees of our different companies. Both of our companies are manufacturers and were designated as essential so we have associates that show up at the facilities and run normal production with all safety guidelines in place. I am very proud of these people and they are receiving bonuses for showing up to work that I feel they definitely deserve. Some people are having a tough time with the work at home situation but I'm fine with it, I telecommuted for five years after we first moved up here. I set my wife up in a guest room with a large desk, two monitors and Ethernet connection for virtual meetings and she's doing OK but does miss the socialization at the office.

I was laid off in 80's and went on unemployment for a few weeks, it didn't kick in until the severance pay timed out (four weeks). I found a job in about a month and a half. The second time I was laid off in 2012, I had a lot of severance because I was with the company for over 20 years, didn't bother with the unemployment and from my previous experience didn't want to bother. Again, I found a job (took longer because I'm really old) before severance ran out. Today I'm actually getting more done working from home and I enjoy the extra time I have from not having to commute. I may need to have a discussion with my supervisor after this ordeal is over.

Hope every one is healthy and safe, keep RC tanking!
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I enjoyed working from home when the opportunity was there. I was a software developer for BofA and worked overall for that company for 45+ years before retiring in 2017. The bank went through cycles of encouraging people who could to work from home ( "My Work" program ) then a management change
would come in and reverse all that and demand everyone be at a desk, cube or office every minute.
then it would start all over again. I hear from two remaining team mates that they're working from home and busy as bees. I enjoyed the chance as I got so much more done AND I as well as others in my team recreated test environments at home that were very similar to what we used at work so we could rapidly
test concepts and approaches much, much faster than having to use company infrastructure. At one time I had ( still have) 6 'puters in my home network where one is a db server, one a web and App server and others being clients. It was so cool. Coffee breaks were built in and the cafeteria was right off my kitchen....Early morning meeting with our geographically diverse team was no problem even though some team members were on the east coast, some in the UK and us on the West coast...We always had teleconferencing if we needed mug time...

When I needed to attach to the bank network I had a bank issued laptop that was extremely powerful
but also highly controlled and managed by company security. My own environment ran completely independent from the bank's; I learned a lot about rigid security measures to take to help prevent bad crap from happening...

If I took a lunch break it was usually spent working on some model stuff.

It's all a pleasant memory now....My best wishes for a safe return to work for all you still on the treadmill...

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I've been working this whole time because I work for the Veterans Administration and I've been working from home since June of last year.. Been in the workforce over 28 years and never unemployed until the beginning of last year. I was not eligible for unemployment until my severance ran out they told me when I applied. Once it did run out they denied my claim because I didn't continually put in a claim and get denied for the 6 weeks of severance they told me I would get denied for . They never told me I needed to do that. So I've paid into the unemployment fund for that long and never collected anything from the state even when unemployed. Luckily I got a job the VA job two weeks after the severance ended. Having being laid off I now put a lot more money in savings than I ever did in the past in case it ever happens again

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