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Shabbernigdo 06-28-2019 07:12 PM

Best way to glue / attach metal bits to plastic
Like the title says whats the best way to glue / attach metal bits to the plastic of the tank. Super glue turns the plastic white around it. is there anything better? got some schumo hatch hinges for my Tiger 1 im trying to stick on.

armourguy 06-28-2019 09:49 PM

Super glue is the default way to install parts with adhesives in my experience. The white halo you see is from the gas of the glue setting and is harmless, and in some cases can be washed away. If you are repainting the model the gas halo is not an issue and will not show through the paint

jarndice 06-29-2019 12:35 AM

Hi, When fitting any metal to metal/ metal to plastic items on any 1/16 armour my first choice is to use M1.2 or M1.6 nuts bolts and washers if that wont work then I use Glue,
Pin Vise a pilot hole then using my Rolson tap and die set I work a thread for the bolt and drive it home,
Metal Parts for our Hobby are almost always made of soft material so it presents no problem for a pin vise and using nuts bolts and washers not only makes it look right but it allows the item to be removed later without damaging your Tank,
I buy all my Nuts Bolts and Washers from ----
Brilliant service and he sells worldwide.
If you do decide to use small scale Nuts and Bolts I would recommend you buy a pair of Nut Spinners,
For M1.2 nuts you need 1.5mm and for M1.6 you need 2.5mm nut spinners.

Panther F 06-29-2019 02:40 AM

I always try to create a porous surface or create a rough area for the parts being attached and most times use a 2 part epoxy. Sometimes a hole is drilled into the plastic and the metal is cut just to have the adhesive something to bite on.

Super glue or more stronger CA's work well too... all depending on what it being done.

Shabbernigdo 06-29-2019 12:08 PM

ill rough em up and give the super glue a shot. i dont plan on slamming the hatches open and closed often so hopefully it does the trick.

Crius 06-30-2019 05:28 AM

I would at least pin them. You can even do that after the super glue, just drill a little hole and glue in a tight fitting brass or plastic pin.Two per hinge if you have the space. You see, the trouble with super glue is that it has very little sheer (?) strength. You can't pull the piece straight off, but go sideways and it snaps much easier. The pins make it much harder for the piece to move sideways, so the super glue works much better.

For sticking stuff like stowage and wiring and a ton of other stuff, I like Zap Goo. It's like sho goo, but for me it's been easier to find, and it works great. It holds stuff like jerry cans and bed rolls right where I want them, they won't come off (well, for at least four years on some of my stuff, we're still experimenting) but if I ever do want to remove them it's fairly easy and doesn't leave a big residu mess. To use it for wiring I run the wires and stick them in place with tape, them add dabs of goo along the run and remove the tape later. Those wires won't ever move (I've got some tanks, like my JP that are still in place after five years) but I know if I ever need to I can pull the wires and you'll never know they were there. No, I don't work for Gap, I just really like this stuff. Maybe I should buy stock. :)

Hope that helps. ;)

Tanque 06-30-2019 09:58 AM

Is it possible or practical to use actual very small screws? Metric hex head screws of brass are available in extremely small sizes.
Much smaller than SAE types commonly sold. Clearance holes may be drilled and small nuts used to secure the parts.


MVD fasteners

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