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SERVUS 08-31-2020 05:17 AM

Tamyia m1A2 56040
Is there any issue to look out for when building this kit ?

pitstain 08-31-2020 05:31 AM

not really, but the movable flap on the gun mantlet is a delicate part, otherwise its an awesome build.

SERVUS 08-31-2020 05:46 AM

Thank you all i want to do is build a tank hopefully have it run with not to many problems.

SERVUS 08-31-2020 05:47 AM

can you still get metal tracks ?

SERVUS 08-31-2020 06:20 AM

I did see your video pitstain on the new finespec transmitter and agree plug and play way to go .

pitstain 08-31-2020 07:39 AM

Yes DKLMRC.COM sells metal tracks with rubber pads as do a few places on ebay, but I am happy with the stock tracks on this particular tank.

The finespec works great for the Abrams I just upgraded mine recently, makes things much easier for plug and play functionality.

pitstain 08-31-2020 07:40 AM

i will add the only upgrade i do to every tank is a full set of ball bearings, also on ebay.

Crius 08-31-2020 12:19 PM

I did one of these Abrams a couple years ago and kind of went all out on it, with metal suspension, road wheels with rubber tires, metal tracks with rubber pads, three colored camouflage paint job, special effect to get the armored glass on all of the periscopes, decals and markings for the tank Battalion that was across the street from me when I was in the Army in Germany, extra bracing on the inside, and henntek idler, and on and on and on.
There used to be video of it here in the classified section, but one of the software changes wiped all that stuff out. If you think they might be of help to you, they're at my YouTube channel. I might be able to dig them up and post a link.

Crius 08-31-2020 12:21 PM

Mine was not a Tamiya Abrams, just so you know, but you might still find stuff there that will be of help. I named that one Angelus Mortis, the Angel of Death.

Fsttanks 08-31-2020 01:22 PM

Originally Posted by SERVUS (Post 12628490)
Is there any issue to look out for when building this kit ?

Do yourself a favor and add the DKLM metal upgrade gears. These make the transmission far more durable and reliable.

If you can afford it get yourself a radio system with “dual rates” so you can “tune the handling” to your liking as the Tamiya Abrams tends to be a hand full to drive due to its overall quick responsiveness. Without “dual rates” you have to be easy on the throttle and steering inputs as it is easy to over steer or add too much throttle.

The tracks that come with the Tamiya Abrams are of excellent overall quality, are lighter and have larger track guide teeth then aftermarket ones. This really helps with track retention and greatly reduces “detracting issues”. Though lighter then aftermarket tracks the Tamiya tracks have proven equality tough and more reliable in my experience with both.

Otherwise the Tamiya Abrams goes together rather easily and is a really tough tank that does not need to be babied. It can be drive hard and fast or easy and slow.

I have a bunch of photos and a few videos of my Tamiya Abrams being abused on my Instagram @ fsttanks so feel free to take a look.


SERVUS 09-01-2020 09:41 AM

Thanks for all the tips as build continues i have no real specific id and when it comes to painting will make a decision.
yes crius that is exactly what happened ?

Crius 09-01-2020 09:58 AM

Now I'm kind of curious so I'm going to ask around and see exactly what happened. I couldn't see any reason at all that you should have been banned. It said not a democracy, did you say anything about rights or voting or anything like that?

Crius 09-01-2020 10:09 AM

Here's one of the last videos from my build, definitely not a Tamiya, but you still might get an idea or three. For me the only thing uncommon on this build was the dry transfers, something I've used before but only a couple times.

I also have videos of the suspension work and all the rest but again, not a Tamiya so probably not much good. The armored glass might be of interest, though, let me know if you can't find that one.

SERVUS 09-01-2020 10:49 AM

WELL:- Said nothing Cruis ? I do not know whom decided to take this awful step if I have the chance you should read the comments made they do not make any sense i only can say that I feel this has been done to many why ? only the evil author given power gone to his or her head .
that's why I found out jarndice and Gary are on here .
maybe get some info they have a mod there making that forum TOXIC .

Pcomm1.v2 09-01-2020 03:55 PM

Tamiya Abrams Build Tips.

Originally Posted by SERVUS (Post 12628490)
Is there any issue to look out for when building this kit ?

The above Abrams build comments are all factual and helpful.

Tips: A few Tamiya Abrams RC kits delivered with faulty turret and or hull control units and Tamiya USA replaced my faulty set for one of my new kits, no problem, something to watch out for during RC setup. Be sure to have all components plugged in per the directions and manual, including the light harnesses or operating glitches may occur. The most noticeable glitch issue from a faulty control unit is that the model will shut down after firing the cannon. Additionally, the Tamiya Battle Unit may glitch after a fresh tank battery swap. My work around solution is to un-plug the battle unit from the turret controller and plug it back in with the fresh tank battery plugged in and installed and the tank powered off.

Built two Tamiya Abrams kits starting in late 2017 into 2018. Sold one model on and my keeper is still running well in 2020. Used either the plug and play Tamiya FineSpec 2.4 RC System or the earlier Tamiya Attack 4YWG 2.4 RC System, which made RC setup painless. Installed bearings with the road wheels, one set was supplied by Tamiya with the kit and the other bearing set came from Manheader on eBay. My Abrams keeper does not use the DKLM Steel Gears. The pricey DKLM Steel Gears for the second Tamiya Abrams was installed. It was around $90.00 with shipping: https://www.dklmrc.com/product/steel_gear

Enjoy your Abrams build!





SERVUS 09-02-2020 09:51 AM

Thank you John most helpful and appreciate all the setup advise .
Fantastic abram I thank every one for there pictures it will help tremendously as reference points the kit did come with the finespec tamiya transmitter it seems that tamiya are replacing with these transmitters in there kits .
just wondering how the finespec transmitter works with other models eg js2 and the American rctanks Sherman has anyone tested ?
will do plug in fingers cross it all works.

Crius 09-02-2020 10:50 AM

When it comes to the Tamiya Abrams (and all other Tamiya kits) John is one of our foremost experts. I don't think there's a tamiya kit that he hasn't built, except maybe the new Sheridan.

Servus, I heard from a guy at rctw that one of your problems there was that you say you're in Germany but your IP address says Australia. Those guys are very protective of their membership so a red flag like that will get you scrutinized, and if they don't like what they see you're toast. If you want to appeal the ban you can contact the administrator from the page that said you were banned and plead your case. RCTW is definitely a good forum and I'm sure you'd learn a lot there, so if all is legit it might be worth the effort to appeal.

LasvoochTheTiger1Ace 09-02-2020 11:21 AM

Ok, so I know I am about to sound like a total noob to the hobby (which I am) but what is so good about Tamyia Tanks. They look like they are worth less money than they cost. Is it the electronics or a special feature they all share? Or is it just that the company is a pioneer of the hobby?

Pcomm1.v2 09-02-2020 12:31 PM

Originally Posted by LasvoochTheTiger1Ace (Post 12629022)
Ok, so I know I am about to sound like a total noob to the hobby (which I am) but what is so good about Tamyia Tanks. They look like they are worth less money than they cost. Is it the electronics or a special feature they all share? Or is it just that the company is a pioneer of the hobby?

I enjoy both the RTR rc tanks and the rc tank kits, do what works best for you and makes you happy.

SERVUS 09-02-2020 04:47 PM

I see well i am in germany and my business uses Australian servers because the apparent company is in Australia .
the reason why is geo sensitive monitoring the Australian government requirement.
not very technically savy are they at that forum ?
Due to covid19 or we call it Corona in march of this year this was a requirement by there Federal Government .
Where I live is 2 hrs out of munich .
that does not explain the reasons given and i will show soon as i can .
If that was the issue why did no one contact me and ask this does not sound plausible excuse me my English is not that good.

Crius 09-02-2020 04:59 PM

You don't have to explain anything to me, bro, any issue you might have will be with the people at rctw so you should probably take it up with them. Wish I could help you but I don't have any juice over there. Like I said, if you want to argue your case, you know how, but I'm definitely the wrong person to argue it to. I'm only here for the tanks.

SERVUS 09-02-2020 05:13 PM

You can not contact after this ban the administration , Regardless i do this build here let them watch what they miss out ja
Let people read what one of there mods does too people perhaps they themselves need scrutiny ? Or very least monitoring .

SERVUS 09-02-2020 05:55 PM

I also just for tanks I hope you like i will do my best.

SERVUS 09-02-2020 06:06 PM

I did have a little play with finespec transmitter and I like what tamiya have done.
i have the tamiya JS2 with a 4wd transmitter I will swap out reciever try it so I have been informed if you can get more recievers you can use the same transmitter .

tankme 09-03-2020 01:13 AM

That's the only issue I see with the Finespec Tamiya system. I have found no place that sells just the receivers. The only way I have seen to get a receiver is buy a transmitter/receiver set.

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